Windows media 9

  NarcosisBoy 05:31 10 Oct 2003

Hi folks - feeling good today as i just got my new laptop - my first and very happy indeed - it's an acer 1700 by the way - and this is my first machine with windows XP although i have used it alot before, and have the new media player 9 on it - and i was wondering - i have a nice cd collection - about 200 albums - and was wondering if i could put all the albums on the media player and have my full cd colection mobile? would that take up too much of the hard drive - incidentally my machine has 80GB and 512RAM - or should i just stick on a select few?
Cheers folks

  Lozzy 06:39 10 Oct 2003

I doubt that you would have enough disk space for all of them.. Why not just insert the CD when you want to listen to music!!!

  Mr Scone 07:13 10 Oct 2003

It should be ok. If you assume that 1 mp3/WMA file is about 3.5mb and that there are about 12 tracks on average on a cd album, 3.5 x 12 x 200 = 8400mb (8.4gb). Whatever happens it'll be under 10gb. Unless you are really keen on video editing or other activities that require vast amounts of hard drive space, it's unlikely that you'll fill 80 gb for some time.

Be warned though, copying 200 albums onto your laptop could take some time.


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