Windows Medi Player Much Too Loud

  Clonetrooper 22:45 23 Mar 2005

WMP is sounding much to loud compared with other sounds such as Messenger new message an Outlook Express New Message notification.

I am trying to get Loud Message notifications without deafening Windows Media Playback. Even with WMP volume at lowest level an sound control volume in XP high the Outlook sounds are still quiet.

  curlylad 00:30 24 Mar 2005

For a start you can manually adjust the sound /volume level of WMP by opening media player and adjusting the slide volume control at the bottom of the screen.

  Taff36 00:45 24 Mar 2005

In XP go to Control Panel > Sound & Audio Devices and adjust the master volume. Media player works off this setting hence it`s own volume control. The master volume should alter the volume for the programs you mentioned. i.e. set the master volume higher but reduce the WMP volume.

  Clonetrooper 16:53 24 Mar 2005


Adjusting the master volume adjusts all sound devices. WMP is disproportionately louder than other sounds. Still loud even with WMP volume controller on lowest setting.

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