Windows ME to XP. Is it worth it?

  barnacarry 10:41 10 Aug 2003

I am thinking of upgrading to XP, even though ME is working fine, but having seen some of the problems that can occur, is it really worth it?

  VoG II 10:48 10 Aug 2003

I would say that it is worth it although if you're happy with ME then there's always the consideration "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

You ought to check that your hardware and software will run under XP click here

  JIM 10:52 10 Aug 2003

First, Check for Upgrade Eligibility.
"Upgrading from Previous Versions of Windows" tells you if your version of Windows can be upgraded to Windows XP which it should be.

click here

Download the Upgrade Advisor
If your version is eligible for upgrade, download the Upgrade Advisor. You can choose to save the file to your hard disk and run it locally, or open it directly from the Web.

  JIM 10:55 10 Aug 2003

I seem to have connected to your wave length.

  Philip2 10:59 10 Aug 2003

In a nutshell what do you want todo with it?if you use Windows ME just for basic things if you do a lot of video music ect then go for XP it is a far more stable than Windows ME,myself i found XP a pain at times it hangs if it dosn't like things and most of all those never ending patches from Microsoft and if you have todo a reinstall it can take hours if you have a lot of data on your computer and reinstalling those updates don't go their.

  Newuser4346 11:09 10 Aug 2003

you can not run any programe when using xp only programes approved microsoft will run i have xp and could not install my scanner as the cd was not micrpsoft approved but it ran verry well on ME

  Keith 11:14 10 Aug 2003

It's more stable than Me. As suggested, check your hardware compatibility. I had persistent spontaneous re-boots on XP until I unplugged my scanner (I just plug it in when I want to use it now). Software compatibility is unlikely to cause problems. Keith

  Keith 11:15 10 Aug 2003

... don't try to upgrade over Me. Wipe the disk and start afresh when you move to XP. Keith

  barnacarry 11:30 10 Aug 2003

Thanks everyone. In a nutshell, it seems to me that Vog is probably right, 'If it ain't broke, don't mend it', but thanks for all the input.

  palinka 16:28 10 Aug 2003

I have both - on 2 different machines. most recent machine came with XP pre-loaded, so i didn't have to make a choice. I have not found XP to have any advantages over ME, but my ME has never shown any sign of being unstable, as some people seem to experinece.

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