windows ME to windows XP

  braiman 16:49 23 Jul 2003

is there a great advantage in upgrading to XP from ME? thks Braiman

  whybe 17:06 23 Jul 2003

I did because I was fed up of blue screens but mainly freezing. My ME version hated being altered and that was not just adding programs. With XP I haven't had those problems, I like its layout but one of the features I find good is its help and support it is very comprehensive. I have XP Media Centre (XP Pro with bits added by default).

  alcudia 17:06 23 Jul 2003

I use two systems, one running ME, the other XP Pro. XP is more stable and crashes far less.However a number of my programs would not install or run properly, despite using emulation.That's why I kept the ME machine. This is something to consider before making the change. If you think you're ok go for it.

  palinka 17:07 23 Jul 2003

Well I would say No, but others will disagree.My experience of ME has been good - never had any probs, though some people say it's "unstable", but as I say I've had no probs. Used it for just over 2 years.
I still run ME on my desktop machine and XP on a new laptop. Didn't make a conscious choice : bought at different times & that's what they came with.
Not had XP long enough to discover major differences /improvements. But nothing that I've found so far makes me wish to upgrade the ME machine to XP.
So if you're happy with ME I'd stick with it.

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