Windows ME will not boot in Normal or Safe mode

  CLONNEN 10:02 22 Aug 2004

My Windows ME computer will not boot up in either Normal or Safe mode. Gets as far as the blue or grey screen and then just stops. Have tried leaving it for several minutes but nothing happens.

Have been having a lot of hanging at StartUp on this machine lately. Usually I fix it by going into Safe mode and renaming the Wininit file to a bogus extension. Now I can't even get into Safe mode to do this. Any ideas?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:09 22 Aug 2004

Check this here


  jakimo 11:21 22 Aug 2004

Or try this,using method 2 or 3

click here

  son-of-a-gun 11:49 22 Aug 2004

If you have one put your Win ME I hope (restore CD) disk in the drive, and ask it to restore your Registry.

If Reg option is not available then go for the system files.

  son-of-a-gun 13:06 22 Aug 2004

Sorry CLONNEN I missed bits out

If you have one put your Win ME (I hope) a (restore CD) disk in the drive boot from it, and ask it to restore your Registry if this option is available.

If Reg option is not available then go for restore the system files.

If it's not a restore disk e.g its a PUCKA MS Setup these option may not be available.
I mate had a similar problem we got his going by booting from a floppy and keying either reg restore or restore reg
Or it may have been restore/reg or reverse
Sorry about being vague but it's been some time back and unfortunately, he's now passed away.

  CLONNEN 06:22 23 Aug 2004

Managed to boot into Windows by using my Windows startup floppy disk going into start without cdrom support and then typing scanreg /restore at the A prompt.

Still keep getting the odd Windows protection error at startup though.

  son-of-a-gun 14:28 23 Aug 2004


If you do get back in as above with Windows running go to system tools thenn go for a restore operation although if you did not update ME, you might find system restore may not work out to well.

hope this helps

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