Windows ME and virgin Broadband

  User-CCA737B4-DBA7-4F4C-BDAAFBC56485ADB2 23:03 29 May 2007

Hi, I have a friend who is running windows ME, and recently signed up to Virgin broadband, unfortunately virgin only want to run windows 2000 and xp, does anyone know a way around this, I dont think the computer is suitable to be upgraded to XP as the hardware is not up to it, not really wanting to spend the money doing up an old computer, any help advice would be greatly appreciated


  Tim1964 23:24 29 May 2007

What Virgin mean is that the disk. with all the usual useless 'stuff' on it, won't run on Win98/ME.

Sky say the same thing about theirs.

The disc is not required to set up the connection it's just bloated powerpoint 'how to' slides and sponsored AV progs. I was running NTL BB for years on a machine that was win98 1st edition with no probs at all. All your friend needs is their username and password. It may be worth checking a Virgin Media BB specific forum for exact details of setting up without the disc. I did know of an NTL one but thast was set up years ago.

Good luck.

  Strawballs 23:31 29 May 2007
  PSF 23:37 29 May 2007

Have a look at click here It is best to use a network card for the modem as the older operating systems did not work vey well with the USB connection.

The main setting you need are for the E-mail.

Thanks Tim1694, what you say is quite correct, this machine was used on telewest blueyonder BB before, what I need to know is how to connect without using the disk,guess I will try and find a virgin form with additional information, thanks for your help


  PSF 23:50 29 May 2007

Once your modem has been registered with Virgin, plug the modem into the network card and it will work. Dont forget to install Anti virus and a firewall first. You might have problems trying to find a free Firewall for Me I could not find one for someone a few weeks ago. Support is dying now for the older operating systems.

Hi Psf the modem has been registered with virgin, and a connection has been established with a laptop running xp, plugging into the network card on the ME machine, it looks for the settings, but after a few minutes it comes up with server not found, would appreciate any further advice on what to try next



  Strawballs 23:59 29 May 2007

You will have to go into internet options in control panel and setup connect to internet through lan.

strawballs, thanks for the input, I have been into the contrl panel and tried that, even trie manually inserting ip address etc, still no go,


  Strawballs 00:04 30 May 2007

I have not had much dealings with ME have recently had 98se machine running on net through my router on Virgin Media and all I had to do was as I suggested but I don't have it here at the moment to play with and jog my memory sorry.

  PSF 00:04 30 May 2007

Open Internet explorer and click on tools>>> internet options>>connections>>Lan Settings then tick the Auto Detect box and then apply, close Internet explorer and re-open and re-check connection.

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