Windows ME Upgrade

  User-E70658AE-BDD7-4DD5-AE5EE3B7769D7D2C 16:30 30 Oct 2008

I have just resurrected an old laptop of mine which is in perfectly good working order and thought that it might be useful on my home network. The OS is Windows ME and to be honest it was only when I flashed it up that I realised it is no longer supported by just about everyone and this is causing problems. My other computers are running XP. I am loath to ditch it it's a nice machine (Mesh, is it possible to upgrade to XP and what sort of cost is involved.

Many thanks

  Technotiger 16:34 30 Oct 2008
  scotty 16:57 30 Oct 2008

Is it worthwhile spending £60 on an old (8years?) machine when you can buy a new one for £250-300?

I still run a pc which uses ME. The only support problem I have encountered was with AVG so I swapped to Avast. I also have a dual boot option on the machine which allows me to choose Windows or Linux. You can try Linux without installing it (Live CD option) which would give you confidence that it will work on your pc.

  spruce 17:18 30 Oct 2008

put a linux distro on it and all the support you need :-) and it will run great

  Rahere 17:33 30 Oct 2008

try ubuntu linux 8.04 live cd to test this
click here it has everything you need in one install. download image burn bootable cd and try it at no risk, runs from your cd/dvd drive

note that there's a new version 8.10 out today but so servers may be busy. Also on older laptops
if you want to install I recommend that you do this using the alternative cd if your RAM and CPU are getting on a bit!

Many thanks to everyone who responded - I like the idea of leaving Windows (if I can). Once again thanks for your help and advice.


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