Windows ME Service Pack

  Justabitbaffled 16:53 26 Feb 2003

I run XP pro in work and maintain regular updates and have installed service pack 1 etc.

Is there a service pack available for ME (home machine) to avoid lengthy and slow downloads?


  leo49 17:05 26 Feb 2003

Afraid there's no overall package - It's a question of collecting all the updates from the Windows Update Catalog and burning them to disc for future usages.


  dth 17:09 26 Feb 2003

There isn't am afraid.

Depending on your needs you can make your own but would still need to download all the updates once. To make your own you would simply have to do a clean install of Windows ME. Then visit the Windows update site and download all the relevant updates. Copies of the update files will be shown in your temporary internet files folder and can be copied over to a CDR.

  leo49 17:45 26 Feb 2003

That isn't necessary anymore as I stated above - MS have rejigged their download site so that if one wishes,one can download whatever updates for whatever OS you choose and save them to your chosen location.


  dth 11:52 27 Feb 2003


Thanks for your post (sorry to pinch the thread). Can you post a link - as although there are separate critical download pages for win98 and the nt family I had not picked up that there was something similiar for Windows ME.


  leo49 12:24 27 Feb 2003

click here

It's all in the above thread.

You go to the normal Windows Update page and ignore the 'Scan your system for updates' option - selecting instead Windows Update Catalogue under 'See Also' in the left hand panel.[If you don't have this option you'll need to'Personalise Windows Update'- see IZZY's clarification in above thread].


  dth 15:17 27 Feb 2003

Leo - Thanks for that.

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