WIndows ME reboots PC after install

  Zeppelyn 22:27 19 Jan 2005

I've just installed Win ME to "C" Drive and all went well until set up completed and tried to restart. Selected ME on boot selection screen and ME splash screen appears for an instant then reboots. This happens every time I select. Others are working fine, i.e. 2000 on "D" and XP Pro on E. "C" is Fat 32 whilst others are NTFS partitions. System is Athlon xp3200 with 2gb RAM and 80gb primary (C and D) and 160gb slave for E.

Any clues anyone or should i try a reinstall of ME?

  britto 22:51 19 Jan 2005

Seems to be to much Ram but there is a workaround

click here

  Zeppelyn 22:55 19 Jan 2005

OK tried that, still the same. What about Vcache ? Does that need a tweak also, its currently blank.

  sidecar sid 22:57 19 Jan 2005
  sidecar sid 22:58 19 Jan 2005

britto snap.
Have you tried to boot it with 512mb RAM only?

  Zeppelyn 23:02 19 Jan 2005


Thanks but thats the same link as above.

  Zeppelyn 23:04 19 Jan 2005

No yet no, had thought about it but didnt feel like opening it up tonight, was trying for a tweak.

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