Windows ME problems

  redshift300 12:26 09 May 2003

Windows ME has started to play up, startup, shutdown and other problems.
Have tried using SFC but it did not seem to work.
Problem seems to be corrupt DLL files in ME.
How do I replace the faulth files?
If I was to reload ME over the present faulty one would that overwrite the faulty files.
Many thanks in advance.

  anchor 12:58 09 May 2003

I take it that you are not keen to do a re-format of your hard drive, and start afresh.

You could certainly try a reload of Windows ME over the top, and it may work. I have done this is the past and it has corrected problems.

It is a good idea to back up any critical and personal files in the very near future, as it might come to a re-format in the end.

you can try running C:/windows/options/cabs/setup.exe. it will reinstal the system files.

be best fix i have found for ME is XP

  Lone Crow 13:13 09 May 2003

Quite apart from the sheer volume of work involved in starting afresh - reloading all your software, etc. and having to download and install updates afresh - it often simply isn't necessary. If reverting to a previous 'snapshot' doesn't help (Me's restore feature or whatever you have) I would recommend you try one of the Systemworks type of utilities. I used a trial version of Norton Systemworks on a troublesome PC a year or two back and it worked brilliantly well. I have since used Ashampoo WinOptimiser with equal success in other situations (be warned though - it's cheap but also apparently spyware, or so I am told). I would try this 'sort out what you've got' approach first; followed by installing Windows over the top if required; and starting from scratch only as a last resort. LC.

  Mango Grummit 13:49 09 May 2003

Yeh, load over the top should cure it if you cannot get to a restore point for whatever reason. Formatting should be the very last resort and is usually not necessary at all, years since I did one!

Despite comments like -- best fix i have found for ME is XP -- (spoilt yourself there horizbe, not helpful) ME is sound. I tried XP btw horizbe and did not like it but I know there are several who do.

If you have problems it could be something you have done. Only very rarely does something change by itself. Several of us here have used ME since it was launched so if you need more help come back.


  brittas 14:37 09 May 2003

If you know which files are corrupt, try and delete them before re-loading so windows replaces them. A re-load may simply assume that the corrupt files are ok as they are present(it has happened in the past to me) and simply skip them !!!

  redshift300 20:13 09 May 2003

Thanks guys I will try reloading over the top.
Just to let you know, this is a dual boot system ME and XP. I kept ME as a test bed for programmes before loading them into XP. It is possibly the loading and unloading that has caused ME to act up. I use three HD's one for ME, one for XP and the third for data files. The reason I do not want to do a format is I do not want to loose the BOOT.INI file which is used at the startup.
Again many thanks.

  anchor 09:20 10 May 2003

Good luck redshift300.

As I said earlier, reloading over the top has worked for me in the past. Let is know how you get on.

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