Windows ME Problems

  JohnC123 11:46 21 Aug 2005

I have a 5 year old laptop that runs on ME. Recently its been giving lots of problems - difficulty starting, and shutting down - it won't do system restore and quite often just stops responding. I've scanned it for virus and sy-bots etc, done scandisks and defrags but - no improvements. I think I need to do a reformat.
Has anyone any ideas on this or advice on how to proceed ?

  Completealias 11:51 21 Aug 2005

As long as you have all the disks for your machine eg drivers and the operating system disk then formating it and doing a clean install will give the laptop a new lease of life for sure.

Before you do this you'll have to backup everything that you want to keep on the pc to cd or another hard drive and then your ok to go ahead with the reinstall.Heres a guide to doing the reinstallation click here

  Graham ® 12:21 21 Aug 2005

A laptop will often require the manufacturers restore disc.

  JohnC123 12:55 21 Aug 2005

I dont have the disk for ME - the laptop came with ME already installed. I do have a set of 3 master disks, they have a warning that their use may involve the loss of programs and data .I have a 40 GB external Hard Disk - never used it yet, should I simply copy the C drive to it ?

  Graham ® 13:30 21 Aug 2005

Those 3 disks are most likely the restore ones - you may get the option of a repair as well as a re-installation. That should preserve your data, etc.

By all means copy across to the external disk. You can download a free trial of Acronis at the bottom of this page click here to do this. Be aware any virus/malware may be copied, too.

  LastChip 13:59 21 Aug 2005

In truth, if you've managed to use the original operating system for five years without needing a reinstall, you've done well.

I use ME myself, and do not agree with contributors here that claim it's a rotten system. It got bad press originally, mainly because drivers were not ready for it on release, but as this is now an "old" system, all those wrinkles have been sorted out.

In many ways, it was almost revolutionary (for Microsoft) in as much as it was the first of their systems to offer System Restore, which of course was subsequently included in XP.

But, for all that, it does suffer from problems that Microsoft have never really got to grips with to date. Particularly, the tendency to leave old files and drivers scattered all over the place, and that is likely where your problem lays.

Before taking the plunge and reinstalling the system, you could try this.

As already mentioned, BACK UP everything you need. Favourites to get forgotten, are your Address Book and Favourites or Bookmarks, depending on what browser you're using. If you backup the whole drive to your external drive, you can always recover the elements you want later, but with the proviso that Graham ® offered about malware/viruses.

Once you've got everything safe, click here for a utility that will clean out most of the afore mentioned rubbish and see if that makes a difference. It may just save you the trouble of a complete reinstall.

Incidentally, almost certainly, the disc that came with your laptop will be "Recovery Discs", which means they will return the system to as new. As Graham ® said, you may also get a repair option. The only problem is, all that does is set the system files back to their original state, so any peripheral problems will not be addressed.

  JohnC123 15:29 21 Aug 2005

Thanks to you all for the excellent advice, I never cease to be amazed at the amount of computer know-how that's available on this forum !
I shall certainly try to use the restoration disks as a first option, first step will be to tranfer the whole of the C drive to my external hard disk.

  jollyjoe65 22:04 22 Aug 2005

I have problems with ME, Freezes on shut down, most days i have to do a illegal shut down. My screen goes black with a little bit of taskbar showing at the bottom, and green lines showing at the top. and the most annoying part is the blue screen that i get most times. I have used windows 98 in the past and i think it was a great os .ME is just bloody crap.

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