Windows ME Premature Restart Question

  Jazzmax72 15:55 02 Aug 2003

with my Win.ME system, sometimes it will simply restart, without warning. Usually happens when I am attpemting to run a PC game; but also occurs sometimes during internet use. . . I know XP has a ?restart on system failure? feature; can anyone tell me if ME has one also? I'd like to disable it so that I can begin to try and diagnose the problem. . .

win ME does not have the facility you mention but this problem is most likely caused by an ailing power supply.

  keith-236785 19:50 02 Aug 2003

Another possible fault is the processor overheating. if so your computer will shut down to protect itself when it gets too warm. see if your motherboard has pc monitoring options in the bios, if it has check the settings, its possible they are set too low (DO NOT SET IT TOO HIGH THOUGH), check the maximum permissible temp of your proc and set it AT LEAST 10 degrees lower.

if this doesnt help then i think horiz5 may be right about the power supply.

good luck, BE CAREFUL.

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