Windows ME and Memory Problems

  User-094F1903-76AA-446C-84BF593A78F2A679 21:54 07 Jan 2004

Dear All,

I upgraded my computer memory to 1024MB DDR Ram. Have checked the Microsoft Website and on their advice as ME cannot take much above 512MB, changed the ini file on MaxPhysPage in Hex.

Having done that - the computer recognises all the memory however if I open more than 4 applications at once - it says that I have run out of memory !!. My PC is telling me at that point that I am only using 25% of the available memory !!

Anyone know of any other settings I need to change to allow Windows ME to "see" all the memory ?

Thanks for your comments in advance

  tafoody 21:58 07 Jan 2004

click on start\run. type in MSCONFIG

then under general\advanced, you can check a box and set max RAM limit (512)

Thanks tafoody,

Will this setting allow the PC to see all 1024MB ?

  tafoody 22:08 07 Jan 2004

this will allow winME to see/use only 512mb, which if your running a dual boot with XP, would allow XP to see/use the 1024mb.

basically its limiting the amount of RAM available in that OS.

  Jester2K 22:10 07 Jan 2004

Try Cacheman click here - i believe it can get round this for you...

Did you ACTUALLY mention you were dual booting with XP??

Nope - am only using the original ME operating system but thought that it would be good to have 1024MB of RAM - silly me !! hehehe

  tafoody 22:25 07 Jan 2004

i believe cacheman, comes with the option to 'limit RAM to 512mb'. so in effect you are still wasting 512mb.

the reason i mentioned the XP scenario is because it explains better why the option would exist??

tafoody & jester2k,

Thanks very much for your help. I think that I will have to take everyones advice from a few days ago and upgrade to XP. Many have said that ME was a poor OS and that XP will take care of so many things like extra memory - all in its stride !!

Thanks again and I shall be looking at the XP upgrade this weekend.

Best regards..

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