Windows ME and Media Player 9

  Fateful Shadow 14:15 05 May 2003

I remember that when I installed Media Player 9 from Microsoft, it said that I will not be able to do system restore again unless I download a patch from Microsoft.

Does anyone know what the patch is or where I can find it?

  steven_frost 14:47 05 May 2003

click here this will take you to the windows update page. and download the patch from their

  leo49 15:50 05 May 2003

Forgive me,but are you sure that's what it said? My recollection is it said that WMP9 couldn't be uninstalled so in order to get rid of it if necessary one had to use System Restore.


  rabadubdub 16:19 05 May 2003

I would consider searching for reviews on WMP 9,as I understand many people are cursing - having installed it on non-XP systems. Most of the new functionality is really only usable in XP and is not worth the update on win9x (inc. ME).

Not an answer to your query but, worth a word of warning.

Regards, Rab

  Fateful Shadow 16:20 05 May 2003

I will now check the Windows Update page "steven_frost". To be honest "leo 49" I cannot really remember. All I know is that it said something about System Restore and also that you needed a patch.

If Windows Media Player 9 hasn't got anything to do with ther reason System Restore now fails every time, does anybody have any ideas what could be causing the problem?

Thanks to the people who have answered my question already

  leo49 16:34 05 May 2003

There's a whole library of knowledge papers at MS concerning problems with System Restore and MS have issued a couple of patches but none recently.[The main one was 290700usam.exe].

Essentially it's a deeply flawed mechanism and thoroughly unreliable at best.If you want total reliability use Drive Image.


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