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Windows ME file sharing problem

  namtas 15:58 05 Feb 2006

I have four computers all networked together all able to assess the internet without any problems.
Two are running Windows XP, one is on Windows 98 SE and the fourth is running Windows ME.

All the computer are able to file share with each other apart from the Windows ME which will only share one way, I can file share all others from it but it will not allow any of its files to be shared from any of the others

It has allowed access hit or miss on odd occasion but it is was not consistent and now it won’t access at all.

All of the other computers can see it because they show the path. And the icon for the Windows ME computer is in My Network places and my network neighbourhood.

I am using a Linksys BEFW11S4.

I have run through the normal checks in the Network setup without succes

This is really bugging me and I suppose it will be something really silly, I wonder has anyone else had a problem networking a windows ME computer and might offer any clues where the problem might be.

  mgmcc 17:36 05 Feb 2006

Does the ME PC have "File & Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" installed?

Is its firewall software configured to allow the other computers to access it?

Assuming ME's Network Properties are the same as 98SE's, have you clicked the "File & Printer Sharing" button and ticked one or both boxes, as appropriate?

In the Bindings tab of the TCP/IP Properties for your network adapter that connects to the router, are both "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File & Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" both ticked?

You could try using an alternative protocol, such as IPX/SPX or NetBEUI, for your file sharing, although it would have to be installed throughout the network.

  namtas 10:22 06 Feb 2006

Tried this and it made no differenence


I am assuming it is as it is enabled and shown as sharing

Yes, but It makes no difference if I turn all software firewals off.

Yes and Yes

Yes to both

I have IPX/SPX and NetBEUI installed and all three on each ie Client – File and Printer sharing- Microsoft family are all ticked.

  namtas 17:11 06 Feb 2006


  namtas 17:27 06 Feb 2006


Thanks for that I will try it, I hate to be beat but I have spent so much time it is unbelievable.

The initial install went like dream and I can connect to the internet with all computors so it can not be far out mmmmmm.

  britto 20:16 06 Feb 2006

click here

this helped my ME comp out worth a look.

  namtas 17:44 07 Feb 2006


  namtas 22:23 08 Feb 2006

I have it now working, with all four computors sharing, hope it lasts.

The fix was to set browse master on the windows ME system to disabled.
And to set browse master on the windows 98 system to automatic.

Thanks to all who replied

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