Windows ME Explorer Send to Floppy incorrect type

  Lionel M 22:03 27 Apr 2003

My floppy drive has been disabled in BIOS, and I just renabled it as a 3.5 in 1.44 MB drive.

In Windows Explorer it is listed correctly, but in the > File > Send to menu it is listed as a 5.25 in floppy.

How do I change the Explorer menu?

  DieSse 22:22 27 Apr 2003

Use Explorer to find the "Send To" folder - in XP it's in Documents and Settings for the appropriate user(s) - otherwise search for it.

Then delete the shortcut to the 5¼" floppyn and insert one for the 3½".

  LastChip 22:33 27 Apr 2003

Open up Windows Explorer, and navigate to C:\Windows\SendTo. Open the folder.

Now drag your floppy drive into that folder. You will get a message telling you it can't be done, but do you want to create a shortcut. Select YES.

A shortcut will now appear in your send to folder.

Now select any small file and use the Send to command, to send it via the newly created shortcut to a floppy. Test it, and make sure you can open the file from the floppy and all is well.

Providing it works correctly, go back to your Send To folder, and delete the shortcut to the 5.25 Floppy drive. (I am assuming you don't have one!) Finally, if you wish, just to tidy things up, "Right-click" the Shortcut to 3.5 Floppy and select re-name, deleting the part that says Shortcut To, and you should be left with 3½ Floppy(A).

  Lionel M 19:13 28 Apr 2003

Thanks to both of you - I've now got it working correctly!

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