Windows ME - - Desktop gone missing

  TBH1 22:26 31 Jan 2005

A mate of mine running Windows ME has just lost his desktop; even in safe mode. The PC appears to boot OK but gets 'stuck' just before the desktop icons appear - -when starting in Safe Mode it does the checkdisk thing, then just a blank screen with 'SafeMode' appearing in all 4 corners - - any ideas ?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:09 31 Jan 2005

Right click an empty area of your desktop and choose properties-settings tab, move the sliders to a higher color setting/resolution and click apply and okay out, you may have to reboot (if this works). If not there could be a corrupted display driver.

Can he get to restore or does the start-progs not work? If it does restore the system to an earlier, pre-kaboom date.

He could also check the keyboard to see if any of the keys are stuck. Try swapping the mouse as well.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:12 31 Jan 2005

This will not hurt to try, put an ME start up disk in, restart computer, at the a: prompt type c: then enter and at the c: prompt type this scanreg /restore, pick a date before you had this problem. (MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A SPACE BETWEEN THE g and /).


  TBH1 23:47 31 Jan 2005

right-clicking anywhere on the desktop has no effect at all. Keyboard appears to work OK as have tried doing a bit in DOS - didn't use all keys of course.
He hasn't got an ME restore disc - we have tried a w98 one, just to get into DOS - -will scanreg thingy work with this ?

  TBH1 22:03 01 Feb 2005

right, done the scanreg /restore thingy - - -still the same - blank screen.

  ami 23:42 01 Feb 2005

When you say it 'gets stuck just before the desktop icons appear' does the wallpaper/background appear?

  TBH1 23:48 01 Feb 2005

its a light-blue type of screen - -and me mate sez thats the colour of his back-ground (wallpaper)

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