Windows max/min gives no change

  anskyber 21:19 25 Oct 2005

The windows max/min funtion seems to have gne mad. There is a very small change but mostly it stays the same ie full ffame wndow, any ideas? Im on win XP service P 2

  ade.h 21:41 25 Oct 2005

When you say min[imise] do you mean the go-to-taskbar option or just the smaller window option?

  ade.h 21:43 25 Oct 2005

If it's the latter, click and drag to resize it and try it to see if the change sticks. The middle icon should have one large square at this point, not two small ones. Sorry if you know all that already. Hope that helps.

  anskyber 21:50 25 Oct 2005

Yes sorry I mean that the window will not resize it appears full size when it is meant to be resized down so when I click it stays the same size

  anskyber 21:52 25 Oct 2005

Ie. as a smaller window as it should appear it is full sized

  anskyber 21:53 25 Oct 2005

I cannot get the window to reduce in size from the full screen window

  ade.h 22:01 25 Oct 2005

Click and drag doesn't work then. Uh-oh. Not good. Thinking hard now.... will get back to you if I come up with anything.

  palinka 22:15 25 Oct 2005

OK, what has happened is that at some point when you've had the window minimised, you've dragged it to fill the screen. As a result both min and max look the same.
3 ways out of it. First make sure that the window you're looking at is the one with the single square icon in the corner - that's the one that is supposed to be smaller (ie min) Then, Either, hover the mouse pointer over a corner until there's a double-headed arrow, then drag the window inwards to make it smaller - much smaller. Or, if the corner is out of sight but you can get the double headed arrow on a side do the same inward dragging. Or, finally, if both those fail, put the mouse pointer right up at the top of the screen, as far up as you can, so it's on the outer edge of the blue title bar, and double click. The title bar will move down and you can then proceed as in my first option.

  anskyber 22:18 25 Oct 2005

Done thanks palinka and ade.h all is well and I will live with my PC another day! They are worst than children I think!! Thanks!

  ade.h 22:25 25 Oct 2005

The first part of your suggestion is what I had already suggested in my second post. Apologies to both of you if my phrasology wasn't clear. I should have given more detail.

Glad it's sorted.

  palinka 22:26 25 Oct 2005

glad I could help. someone in this forum got me out of the same hole years ago. Amazing how common a problem it is - my friends are for ever getting in this fix.

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