Windows mail working but browser say no connection

  grumpy-git 10:22 16 Oct 2012

Laptop running vista, connecting via wi-fi.

Firefox will for maybe 10 minutes then fail to connect. Connection appears to be fine - local and internet, but to get Firefox to work I have to disconnect & reconnect again.

Strange thing is that windows mail continues to work normally & emails keep coming.

Rarely use IE but that seems to suffer the same problem. Any ideas folks?

  grumpy-git 15:29 18 Oct 2012

Still no answers to the problem?

  Woolwell 16:09 18 Oct 2012

Try switching the router off and on again.

  grumpy-git 21:19 18 Oct 2012

First of all switched router off for a minute, then back on. Laptop would not connect, but desktop pc (wired to modem) was connected and accessing internet.

Restarted laptop & connected to internet. Checked download speed and got:- laptop 5418 download 790 upload desktop 6519 download 804 upload

Emails coming in fine, but then browser stopped - connection was reset message. email still working though. Access showing as local & internet.

Had to right click on the icon to disconnect, then right click & connect to wiress network again. Laptop browser then works again with similar speeds.

  Woolwell 22:27 18 Oct 2012

Indications are that there is a problem with the wireless connection. But not sure whether it is at laptop or router end. It is odd not to lose email if the internet is not working. How long has this problem been happening? It may be worthwhile doing a system restore to just before the problem.

  lotvic 22:46 18 Oct 2012

In your Firewall check that you have given Firefox permission to connect to the internet. It sometimes happens after programs (firefox in your case) have checked for updates if you haven't got them listed as ok in your Firewall list.

  Woolwell 22:48 18 Oct 2012

lotvic - good idea but also happens with IE? (see first post).

  grumpy-git 22:51 18 Oct 2012

Yes, I'm confused that email works but browser keeps losing connection.

It's my wife's laptop, which I've only recently started using. Because of this, it has had very little installed in the way of software. It has Norton Internet Security, as does my laptop, and only being used for a bit of browsing & internet banking - plus playing a few games, there has been no need to keep backing it up.

She always complained she couldn't access her bank account, and my answer was always disconnect & connect again, which would get it working long enough for her to do what she wanted. Now I'm using it, the problem is rather annoying, and I can't really go back to a point to where it was working properly

  grumpy-git 10:16 19 Oct 2012

As a little add on to this, I have an old xp laptop, which when connected via wi-fi stays connected indefinitely when using the browser, so the signal from the router isn't a problem.

  lotvic 11:05 19 Oct 2012

have a look in device manager and see it there is any difference (yellow triange!) between when it works and when it has disconnected.

Have you tried using a cable instead of wireless connection?

Also check Java and Flash are up to date, there was another thread that had similar problem and I found this

  grumpy-git 19:15 19 Oct 2012

Did a dearch for "check wlan" and Orange web site had a page how to check it.

Followed instructions and it was "started" and startup "automatic".

I'm doing this typing on desktop. Email was downloading on the problem laptop but browser not working.

Just tried IE. That didn't work either, message came up "Diagnose connection problem" so clicked on link and got message "Windows did not find any problems with this computer's network connection"

Just disconnected from network & connected again, so started working again - but it won't last long!! Just got 5986 & 795 on speedtest.

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