Windows mail - suddenly can't send

  palinka 15:24 01 Aug 2012

OS is Vista and i use Windows mail ( and mailwasher free) have used all these for several years. Server is btinternet, by the way. Only recent change of ANY kind was a week ago when I switched from IE to Mozilla Firefox for internet access.

Everything fine yesterday morning ,later in the day suddenly I couldn't send any emails. Incoming mail was, and is, still perfectly OK. I hadn't changed anything; but when I click Send I see a WINDOWS SECURITY message that directs me to Logon to my usual email account and "verify that both the user name and password are correct for your server." They are. And when I enter them again in the boxes I get same message.

I can use webmail, but I want to use Windows Mail. I've checked all the settings and they seem to be Ok, unchanged from what they usually are. Any advice/solutions please?

  lotvic 16:16 01 Aug 2012

Try unticking Outgoing server requires authentication, close Windows Mail, then reopen and tick it again. That might jolt it back into action.

  palinka 16:27 01 Aug 2012

No go, Lotvic. I tried that and it has no effect, unfortunately.

  lotvic 16:40 01 Aug 2012

Try this solution, scroll down to post by ctarmey, Re: Issues with email, 09-May-2012 03:15

You have to go to Webmail and log out, then log in again... (reasons etc on the link)

  xania 16:41 01 Aug 2012

Get in touch with BTInternet and see if they can offer any advice. I usually find them most helpful.

  anniesboy 16:54 01 Aug 2012

I had a friend who had exactly this problem,he said it was a password problem .This was resolved by a download from BT. Sorry I don't know more than that, but hope it helps.

  birdface 18:22 01 Aug 2012

Issues with Virginmedia mail accounts as well using Windows live mail.

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