Windows mail slow start up

  DerekE 17:10 20 Nov 2007

I use Windows Mail in Vista O/S for my e mails on my laptop.

Over the last few days, when I open Mail, it opens the left hand columns (inbox etc) but does not show the main e mails. It then goes to a white screen with a message "not responding" on the title bar. It stays like this for about 30 seconds and there is a lot of hard drive activity and then it fully opens.

Whilst not a major problem as I do get in eventually, it is annoying me.

This has happened after I returned from leave so I didn't use my laptop for 2 weeks and the only other change is that have installed Pinnacle Studio Plus 11 for video editing and the latest Microsoft update for Vista on Tuesday.

I haven't tried system restore yet as I guess I would have to reinstall Pinnacle which took a long time to do and set up.

Is there a Windows mail repair facilty I could try or is system restore my best bet?

Many thanks

  Pineman100 18:53 20 Nov 2007

Do you normally open Windows Mail as soon as you've started up the computer?

If so, is it possible that it's not actually WM that's taking a long time to open, but that your boot up is taking much longer than previously?

I'm wondering whether Pinnacle Studio might have put something into your startup folder that is causing a major slowdown.

You could try running msconfig, then click the startup tab. Check down the list to see if you can recognise anything to do with PS and untick it. Then restart the computer and see whether the problem disappears.

If not, then you can go back and re-tick the unticked items.

  skidzy 19:48 20 Nov 2007

Derek i tried to cover this problem a while back now as i had the same problem.

I put it down to an update issue that was never resolved,after removing an update one at a time and downloading again proved useless.

My way of getting over this was to install Incredimail,this worked to perfection.

Since those days i have restored the computer to factory settings,fully updated and now i do not get this problem.
Why i dont know still !

Maybe there is a conflict with software somewhere,again im not sure.

I know its annoying and frustrating at times,but the one thing that may help you is to disable Vista Superfetch.

In your Start box,type
And enter
Scroll through to Superfetch and stop this service.

This will reduce the activity on the harddrive on boot up.

  DerekE 20:37 20 Nov 2007

Thanks to you both for the quick responses.

Pineman 100 I left the PC for about 5 mins to cease all HD activity on boot up. When I opened Mail, the white screen still came up but only for around 10 seconds. I shut Mail down and opened again and it restarted instantly with no white screen. There is nothing for Pinnacle in MSConfig.

Skidzy tried disabling Superfetch, didn't seem to make any difference to boot up time or the response of Mail, what are the implications of leaving it disabled?

Guess I can have a look at Incredimail if this drives me nuts.

  Pineman100 19:17 21 Nov 2007

Skidzy's mention of problems after a Vista update rang a vague bell with me. I seem to remember having to remove a Microsoft update in order to resolve a problem soon after getting our Vista computer (about 5 months ago).

I'll see whether I can track down any information about the specific update - but don't hold your breath!

  Pineman100 19:35 21 Nov 2007

I've trawled through my old posts and I've found two that might be of some help - one mentions the Vista update that I mentioned above.

No promises, but have a read through them and see what you think:-

click here

click here

  DerekE 10:49 22 Nov 2007

Thanks Pineman 100, there is a clue here, I have Norton 360 as I got a half price deal when I bought the laptop and the second thread highlights this as a possible issue.

I think I am going to disable the Norton firewall, and enable the router (Netgear) one and see what that does.

Having said that, following my earlier post, it is only showing the "not responding" for 8 to 10 seconds now so I could live with this.

I will post the results if it does the trick

Thanks agagin.

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