Windows Mail problem

  hawthorn59 10:40 28 Feb 2010

Hi folks

I've just uninstalled Norton Internet Security using the Norton removal tool. I have now installed Microsoft Security Essentials.

However I now have the following problem with Windows Mail; I cannot click any link in my emails; i cannot access the Help file from the menu or anything from the Help tab (except "about").

Help! Is this connected to my uninstall...?


  Sea Urchin 12:15 28 Feb 2010

Go to Control Panel, Internet Options, Programs.
Make sure it shows Internet Explorer as the default web browser - click Apply and OK.

  hawthorn59 12:36 28 Feb 2010

IE is not my browser; I use Firefox.

  Sea Urchin 12:52 28 Feb 2010

That's not the point - you need to make IE your default if you want your Windows Mail links to work. Once that is happening you can revert to Firefox again.

  hawthorn59 19:11 28 Feb 2010

Good grief! That worked. But it now opens them in IE, how do I get them to open in Firefox?

Also this only happened after I uninstalled Norton and instead MSE....wonder why?



  Sea Urchin 22:22 28 Feb 2010

As I said above once it is working you should now be able to revert to Firefox as the default browser. You might have to repeat the process every so often if it "sticks" again.

  hawthorn59 03:20 01 Mar 2010

I've just tried that and am getting the same error as before (sorry i forgot to list it earlier)

"There was a problem sending the command to the program"

This never happened before.


  hawthorn59 16:07 01 Mar 2010

This appears to be a widespread problem when i searched in Google. Havent found a solution yet.
It is suggested that it is a windows mail problem.

Anyone got any suggestions after the weekend?!


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