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windows mail not sending emails.

  mrgrumpy 11:43 23 Jan 2020

So this is my problem , I normally use thunderbird for emails but sometimes if I click on an email contact us address on a web page the windows mail program opens. I suspected that sent emails were not arriving so I sent one to myself using the program and it did not arrive. The mail program does not seem to have a sent box unless I cant find it.

The only work around I can do is when the mail program opens I have to copy paste the email address into thunderbird.

Apart from uninstalling the mail/calendar program does anyone know how to stop mail opening up and also why is it not sending the emails.

  difarn 18:27 23 Jan 2020

If you use Thunderbird then why don't you set that as your default mail app in Windows 10? Right-click on the windows logo bottom left, in search type in default apps and there you will see the option to choose Thunderbird as your default mail client.

  mrgrumpy 18:46 23 Jan 2020

hi difarn , I loaded up the default apps and right clicked on the windows mail logo and changed it to thunderbird thanks

  mrgrumpy 18:51 23 Jan 2020

quick update difarn , just tried it on a site that was opening windows mail , when it says edge is trying to open thunderbird you click yes and then close website or you cant see thunderbird , thanks for that.

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