Windows mail all gone

  anniesboy68 13:49 22 Mar 2010

Switched laptop on this morning [Vista 32 bit] and found that all my e mails, in box, sent, deleted, and all extra folders were gone. Most mysterious. any observations anyone, please?????

  lotvic 14:07 22 Mar 2010

First thing to try is a reboot.
Switch laptop off (not restart) and then switch back on again.

This sometimes rectifies all sorts of probs so is first on list to try.

  anniesboy68 14:32 22 Mar 2010

All gone again, those that I've downloaded since the problem became apparent. Did a re-boot with an unsuccessful system restore. Am going to do a factory re-set now, was going to anyway, laptop getting too slow. Thanks for reply AB68

  anniesboy68 14:37 22 Mar 2010

Going on from before [last post] have found all in the re cycle bin of all places, how they got there I do not know. . Will re boot computer and see what happens. AB68

  anniesboy68 14:46 22 Mar 2010

All ok now!!!

  Sea Urchin 18:53 22 Mar 2010

"have found all in the re cycle bin of all places"

Always the first place to look if files have been deleted or disappeared.

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