Windows Mail on 7

  DJ-Garry 15:14 23 May 2010

Hi guys :)

I'm in the process of getting Windows Mail working on Windows 7 by copying the whole Windows Mail folder from my old laptop's Vista HD.
(I got this workaround from a forum)

On my Windows 7 machine, I have 2 Program files folders though ..... One just called Program files, and the other called Program files (x86)

Do I replace the contents of both folders with the info from the Vista folder, or just one ... and which one?

Thanks guys ..... Garry

  Pine Man 15:37 23 May 2010

Program Files (x86) is for 32bit software and Program Files is for 64bit software.
So it depends on which software you are replacing 32 or 64bit.

  DJ-Garry 15:57 23 May 2010

I don't know if it's 32 or 64 bit.
As I said, it's Windows Mail from Vista to Windows 7


  Pine Man 16:09 23 May 2010

Your Windows 7 is definitely 64bit hence the two Program files that you have.

If you go to the Vista installation and left click on 'Computer' and select 'Properties' you will find out whether or not it is also 64bit.

  DJ-Garry 16:17 23 May 2010

The Vista install is definitely 32 bit, coz the OS would not recognise any more than 3Gb of RAM.

So I take it from that, that I replace the files in the x86 folder, and create a shortcut from the WinMail.exe file in that folder to the desktop to be able to run that version of the program, right?

  Pine Man 16:19 23 May 2010

Way to go!

  DJ-Garry 16:23 23 May 2010

Cheers Pine man ... I'll repost when it's done :)

  DJ-Garry 03:27 25 May 2010

Ok ......

I did all of the above, and it seems to have worked to a point. When I started the program, I very slowly, got user id and password conformation boxes come up for each account .... and the program appears to be running according to Task Manager, but both a 32 and 64 bit versions. The GUI does not appear on screen though. You can here that it's checked accounts for new mail because the usual ding dong sound is heard and the new mail icon appears in the system tray too.
My inboxes for my accounts are now empty on-line so I know it's downloaded them all, but still no GUI.
Any ideas anyone?

  DJ-Garry 11:46 25 May 2010

Bump :)

  DJ-Garry 11:49 26 May 2010

Bump bump

  DJ-Garry 11:39 27 May 2010

Bump Bump Bump ......
Someone help please.

Thanks :)

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