Jadee 20:49 16 Jun 2010

I am running Windows Mail
I put some jokes to send to a friend altogether in one e-mail but it won't send them Every time I try It gets not far when it says Your isp has terminated the connection Trouble is I can't find where they are as they are not in any email boxes either to send or any where i can think of They are blocking my email box and cannot receive any mail coming in until it has tried to send this email which takes ages I wonder if anyone can help me please

  mgmcc 22:17 16 Jun 2010

If you're using your ISP's mail service, they may also have web-based access, so you can get into your email with a web browser. Try doing that and see if you can then delete the message which is causing the problem.

  Jadee 21:36 17 Jun 2010

I have tried that but still no joy

  wee eddie 10:04 18 Jun 2010

Maybe you have exceeded the limit available

  peter99co 18:14 18 Jun 2010

Who is your ISP?

  Jadee 22:49 18 Jun 2010

Tiscali or Talk Talk
I cant tell because I can't access them but it says 8 emails I am trying to send I was wondering if I could take Windows mail off then reinstall it but I have looked in control panel and can't find it

  wee eddie 10:30 19 Jun 2010

say 10MB+, in size, blocking your system.

You will need to delete it, before the rest can clear

  ronalddonald 11:29 19 Jun 2010

did you save on word and can you copy and past into the email and send or have you got the wrong email address

  Jadee 00:57 23 Jun 2010

The e-mail address is the same one I have used for years and I can't find them to delete

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