Windows Longhorn Questions ...

  M4D 03:33 11 May 2004

Hello, To get straight to the point .
Im bored of my current setup of windows XP Pro, SP1 SP2 beta's :( !!
And i would like to get my hands on the latest
longhorn to see what it's going to be like and
give it a decent test run before it's out to buy ext .

Now im not stupid and i know i "Could" Download
it from any decent torrent or other p2p place but i want to get a copy legaly, If thats not too much to ask ? Beta or whatever i do understand the risks involved but in the end it's only pc, And im willing /wanting to learn ;).

Can someone suggest anywhere i could obtain it from Legaly, It would be very much appreciated ...

  johnnyrocker 08:22 11 May 2004

click here and find on line panel or such


  €dstowe 08:45 11 May 2004

OK, so you're bored with "windows XP Pro, SP1 SP2 beta's".

Don't lose sight of the fact that Windows is an operating system designed to make using a computer easier and more convenient. It is not an end in itself - it's supposed to allow you to do more exciting, interesting and important things.

I feel there is something wrong if you find yourself spending most of your computer time twiddling and adjusting the operating setup you already have at the expense of using the machine for something more constructive.

A relative of mine is doing some testing work on Longhorn but that doesn't mean he's spending all his time making alterations and adjustments to it. What he is doing is using Longhorn as his normal operating system and ensuring that there are no unexpected or untoward bugs and errors in it.

For myself, I was a beta tester for XP. Again I didn't spend time noticing it was XP, it was just another operating system - a better one than previously - but for all that, I carried on with my work.

If you really want to get involved, go to click here and type "longhorn" into the search box. I think at this stage in development, though, that MS are only offering the product to people they know and to professional developers.


  The GnoMe 09:09 11 May 2004

if you really want to get your teeth into an operating system, why not give linux a go. It is free, stable, more fun to look at, and you get all your office apps and a host of programs all free in the installation.

try click here

have a look and see what you think

  M4D 09:18 11 May 2004

I was thinking of linux but i cant find drivers for my alcatel modem and monitor and it looks like i could /would have problems with regular updates ext for other hardware, But please
"Correct me if im wrong"

Where can i get some good recent info on linux and what would you guys recomend i start with as there are alot of different types of linux distro's around nowerdays ...

  M4D 09:23 11 May 2004

Also i forgot to add "My friend has a copy of linux mandrake 9.2 that he said i could have if i needed .

He said "Because it's "Crap" !! those were his words but i know he only said that because he couldnt get it working properly .

What do you think to that version ? I've read that mandrake and red hat are the most widely used versions, And they seem to be the easiest ones to use from what i've been reading ...

  expertec 09:24 11 May 2004

What's the modem model/number?

  expertec 09:24 11 May 2004

I'm using Mandrake 10, I think it's very good :-)

  expertec 09:25 11 May 2004

It was easy to install (dual-boot with XP) and not difficult to use, you just need to learn a bit ;-)

  M4D 09:33 11 May 2004

I cant get to my model number exactly as the graphics card is covering it but it's an Alcatel speed touch PC "PCI ADSL version" If that helps .
What about other hardware drivers /support i would also need drivers for my "NF7-S v2.0 - AOC 9G+ Monitor - Sapphire 9800 pro Things like that ? are they hard to get hold of and do they update them similar to normal windows os drivers ext

I asked about longhorn and i didn't really "Word" things correctly but to put my words a little more in "Perspective i meant that i would like to try a new Operating System in general any that's new /differnt ext, because im wanting a new challenge basicaly, And i think that a change in operating systems would be the biggest challenge i could do to the pc at the moment without hardware upgrades ext ...

  expertec 09:37 11 May 2004

Mandrake Linux 10 supports a huge range of hardware, it automatically set up my Radeon 9200 card and my monitor when I installed it I didn't have to install drivers for them. Drivers probably are updated just like windows.

It may be possible to get drivers for your modem, I'll go have a look for you ;-)

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