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windows logo on task bar will not open up

  laptopdunce 03:16 04 Dec 2016

Very odd this, the Windows logo in the far left bottom in the task bar on my laptop has stopped being able to "click on" and open up the options of log off, sleep, restart etc., but all the other things like google chrome tab, notepad tab, disk clean up tab and all others are clickable and do open up the programme. Why is this happening and how do I get it back to its purpose? I have to switch the power off button on the laptop to turn off the laptop. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Govan1x 10:33 04 Dec 2016

Try pressing the windows logo on your keyboard to see if that gives you the option. You may have to press it twice.

  Govan1x 10:57 04 Dec 2016

If you right click the start menu does it give you the choice of running cmd as administrator. if so just type in sfc /scannow and see if that finds any problems.

If not open task manager.File.Run new task and type in powershell that will open cmd.

I tried the easy method of clicking the widows logo and r to open run and typed in cmd and opened as administrator and typed in sfc /scannow but it would not work. So if that does not work for you powershell probably wont either.

  laptopdunce 12:12 04 Dec 2016

I did waht Govan1x said and got the blue page with the "tiles" on it (which I dont have many of showing) from the windows key on the keyboard and then managed to shut it down properly from there and restarted it and now the windows icon in the left bottom of task bar is actually working, on the right click of the mouse its bringing everything up which is in the start menu, very odd that, it must have jammed and only restarted after it was shut down properly from the start page, thanks Laptopdunce

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