lewis187 20:11 19 Jan 2004

when i turn on my pc (xp) it loads up the blue "user sign in" screen with nothing on just blue. then my pc just stops. sometimes i see the screen but my pc beeps and i cannot move the mouse. The only ways to get on to my pc is to either log-on to xp recovery and restart the pc by typing EXIT and pressing enter.This works some times.
It is starting to annoy me because i am scared to turn off my pc in case i cannot get back-on! I have deleted the newest programs i installed, and ran a full norton virus scan yet neither worked.
Also, whenever i press shift and ' in order to get an @ sign in doesnt work instead it displays a " then if i press 1 and shift i can get an @ sign that way. it is as though my 1 and ' buttons have been reversed.
Does any body know the answer to any of my problems. PLEASE help. thanks a lot.

  User-312386 20:14 19 Jan 2004

lets just hope you have system restore turned on then

Get into windows and then go to start>all proggrammes>accessories>system tools

Now click on system restore

Now click on a date when your PC was "running well" and system restore will do the rest.

Thats if it is a system problem

  Joe McG 20:19 19 Jan 2004


when rebooting continously tap the F8 key, this will bring up a menu. From this menu select "last known good configuration" and hit enter.

For the keyboard go into control panel, click on regional and language options and make sure it is set to U.K.
If not change and have your xp cd ready in case it asks for it.

  lewis187 20:20 19 Jan 2004

does that mean that my pc will always start without any trouble from now on?

  lewis187 20:22 19 Jan 2004

i do the f8 thing but it only works 33% of the time.

  Joe McG 20:27 19 Jan 2004

If that does not work, and you cannot get system restore to work, then you may be forced to do an fdisk and format.

Best of luck. Joe.

  hugh-265156 20:41 19 Jan 2004

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