windows live onecare

  murphyman 03:40 18 Nov 2006

hi all,
i was thinking of inatalling windows live onecare,
just on a 90 day trial basis
so as suggested, i downloaded the active x needed
to scan the computer for any potential conflicts
with windows live onecare.
after the scan, it told me to uninstall my present firewall, zone alarm 6.
what do the members think of windows live onecare
is it a good application, or a load of you know what. appreciate any comments on the subject
thanking you in advance. Ger

  birdface 06:50 18 Nov 2006

Excellent program, Well worth trying for the 90 days,

  birdface 07:45 18 Nov 2006

There might be one minor problem with it,If I remember right ,It uses windows firewall,So I dont know if it would be ok for you to run both firewalls.Some say it will it will cause problems,Others will tell you it's ok,Maybe better to wait and see what others think.

  €dstowe 08:13 18 Nov 2006

What happens after your 90 day trial is over?

I assume it then becomes a subscription service but I've not been able to find any indications of charges.

Can someone enlighten, please?

  Probabilitydrive 08:26 18 Nov 2006

Windows live onecare is a Microsoft product and such very much designed for a Windows environment. Its likely that you restrict your future choices, should you decide to install other (i.e incompatable) applications.

With onecare you would nail your flag -more or less exclusively -on Microsofts pole!
extract of feedback:
".... Windows Live OneCare is the first of many managed online security services to debut this year. We recommend waiting, then comparing the offerings from Symantec, McAfee, and other established security vendors before deciding on a managed online security service....."
Further reading:
click here

  anskyber 08:55 18 Nov 2006

I think its about 50 dollars in the USA but still to be announced here.

  birdface 09:04 18 Nov 2006

I believe once the 90 days are up, You have to delete it,I dont think it accepts payments from UK, As It was only supposed to be on trial in USA And Canada, But maybe that has all changed now.

  birdface 09:09 18 Nov 2006

I Think the idea is right, Just the one program to fix all problems on your computer,Just counted,[quick count]I have 11 on my all programs at the moment, Would it not be nice just to have the one,

  murphyman 02:18 20 Nov 2006

hi everyone,
thank you all for your replys, i am sorry i could not answer sooner, but, due to work committments, i was unable to do so, my apologies.

when i downloaded this programme, it ran a scan on my system. Which is windows xp sp2, and it said before it would install, i had to delete my present firewall zone alarm 6 this is why i have doubts, as windows firewall is next door to useless, i am open to correction on this. ger

  rawprawn 08:43 20 Nov 2006

click here Try Advanced Windows Care it's free and I can recomend it.

  murphyman 13:27 20 Nov 2006

thanks to everyone for all the advice, and thank you rawprawn, i have run this programme and it looks great once again thank you all. ger

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