windows live mail and spam

  Secret-Squirrel 08:53 29 Nov 2012

"One is from ........veriaReports........Is there any way of blocking them, full stop, from arriving to the mail box?"

If "veriaReports" is the sender's name and appears on all messages, and you're using a POP e-mail account, then you could try experimenting with a Windows Live Mail "Message Rule":

1) On the "Folders" ribbon, click "Message Rules".

2) In the "New Mail Rule" windows, select "Where the From line contains people" then click the blue link at the bottom and enter the sender's name as it appears in the e-mails you receive.

3) The best Action for this rule needs to be "Delete it from server".

4) Finally, give your rule a name and click the "Save Rule" button.

If that doesn't block those spam messages then perhaps you could use the "Where the subject line contains specific words" condition instead. However, be very careful how you setup rules especially when the action is to delete from server!

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