Windows Live Mail - setting up two accounts

  twitcher 17:13 16 Apr 2010

I have just changed from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail. In doing so I imported the main ISP email account, a domain email account in my name (the default account) and a domain email account in my wife’s name. The new program receives emails addressed to all three accounts without problem. However, it will only send emails in my name because there is no “From” drop-down box as in Windows Mail for my wife to choose her address to send emails.

When I go to “Tools, Accounts” only my (default) email address is shown. When I click “Import” to try to set up her address I get the message “The import did not complete because an account with the same settings already exists”. If this is the case why is it not shown under “Accounts”. Can anybody explain where I can find it and set it up so that emails can be sent in my wife’s name as well as my own?

  Sea Urchin 17:32 16 Apr 2010

"When I go to “Tools, Accounts” only my (default) email address is shown".

Yes, that is your problem - the sending options will only appear in the drop down menu when both (all) accounts are listed. You don't Import, but go to Tools - Accounts - click Add - and then set up all the details of addresses - servers etc - just as it was on Windows Mail.

  twitcher 00:03 17 Apr 2010

Thanks Sea Urchin, I did as you suggested but there is still no drop down menu. A totally separate account for my wife has now appeared on the left hand side of Live Mail with its own In Box and Sent Items folders. A separate set of folders called “Storage Folders” has now appeared below both accounts with its own separate Sent Items and Saved Mail folders. When I sent a test mail from my account to my wife’s it arrived in MY inbox not hers. The whole thing seems extremely complex in comparison with Windows Mail. Have I done something wrong?

  Sea Urchin 16:34 17 Apr 2010

Yes, your wife's account will appear under a separate heading at the left hand side. The Storage folders contain the mails you imported from Windows Mail. You can transfer the contents (using the Move to Folder) to the Inboxes etc for the two accounts - then delete the storage folders.

With regard to the test mail ending up in the wrong Inbox it sounds as though you have some settings wrong. I use Windows Live Mail and have accounts with onetel and hotmail, but my ISP is TalkTalk. The first one has the incoming server for onetel, but the outgoing for TalkTalk. Equally the other has for incoming but again TalkTalk for outgoing (SMTP).

I can send from either to the other, and they all end up in the correct Inbox.

  Taff™ 01:51 18 Apr 2010

The problem here is that both you and your wife log in to the computer with the same User Name. Could I suggest that you set up her own User Name and set her e-mail up in that profile as you have done previously. (I Know neither of you have anything to hide from each other but this is the best solution!)

You can switch between log in`s very easily and if necessary copy each other the e-mails.

  twitcher 10:42 18 Apr 2010

Thanks everybody. Everything was so simple with Windows Mail. I thought that by importing everything into Live Mail the accounts would be set up automatically. I really didn't expect to have to re-set up accounts manually. Only Microsoft could devise a program more complex and user-unfriendly than the one it replaces!

Has anybody had experience of using two accounts in Thunderbird (a program as yet untried by me)?

  Taff™ 14:03 18 Apr 2010

The user interface in Thunderbird takes a bit of getting used to but as Marg7 says has some useful features. I`d say go for it but run in parallel with your current setup. In other words change the Advanced settings to "Leave a copy of messages on the server" so that both Thunderbird and Live mail can download the messages - then make a decision on which you prefer.

  twitcher 15:04 18 Apr 2010

Thanks for the advice Taff, I think I'll try that. Normally I'd stick with Windows Mail where both my wife and I had a common In Box, Saved Mail etc but with a "From" box with drop-down menus so that outgoing mail would show separate email addresses.

However, I'm thinking of buying a new computer with Windows 7 pre-installed and, as I understand it, Windows Mail won't run under Windows 7 so I thought I'd set up Live Mail and get used to running it prior to changeover. Nothing's simple!!

  Sea Urchin 15:22 18 Apr 2010

You could have a look at this - how to enable Windows Mail to run in Windows 7

click here

  twitcher 13:52 19 Apr 2010

Thanks for that Sea Urchin. When I purchase my new computer I'll give it a go.

One thing I have noted is that the emails I've been receiving in Live Mail haven't been downloading into Windows Mail which is still set as the default email handler. Is there something I should be doing to ensure mail is received by both programs.

I've noted what Taff says, but I can't see a similar device in Windows Mail or Live Mail.

  Sea Urchin 15:30 19 Apr 2010

In Windows Mail/Live Mail go to Tools - Accounts - Properties - Advanced tab and check box beside Leave a copy of messages on server. Click Apply and OK.

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