Windows live mail reducing size of files to e-mail

  Sapins 09:25 14 Dec 2011

I am trying to reduce the size of a video file to e-mail it following microsofts instruction below. I can only get to "on the toolbar click e-mail". there is nowhere to click e-mail!

Open Windows Photo Gallery by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Photo Gallery.

Click the picture that you want to send in e?mail.

To select more than one item, hold down the CTRL key while you click the items that you want to select.

On the toolbar, click e?mail.

In the Attach Files dialog box, select a picture size from the Picture size list.

Click Attach.

  Woolwell 11:18 14 Dec 2011

Do you have a default e-mail client? If you are using webmail this will not work.

In Windows Photo Gallery the email button is in the centre of the toolbar at the top.

  Sapins 11:48 14 Dec 2011

Hello Woolwell, My default e-mail client is Windows live mail, not for much longer if it keeps on "not responding". I cannot see any e-mail button at all on the toolbar!

  Woolwell 11:52 14 Dec 2011

Do you have Windows Live Photo Gallery installed as well? If so e-mail as at the far right on the home tab.

  Sapins 13:55 14 Dec 2011

All this e-mail tab does is to open a new e-mail message with the file attached, there is still no option to recuce the size of a file.

  Woolwell 16:42 14 Dec 2011

You do not get the option to reduce with video only with photos.

  Woolwell 16:43 14 Dec 2011

How large is the video file? You may not be able to reduce it enough for e-mail. It may be best to use a file share program.

  Sapins 08:35 15 Dec 2011

Thanks for your help Woolwell, I may use Picasso to send the video to a friend. Regards, Sapins.

  Sapins 09:52 18 Dec 2011

I have found that you cannot reduce the size of video files!

  Les28 12:41 18 Dec 2011

I believe with the right program you can resave the video file either into the same filetype at a lower bitrate keeping aware of quality acceptability as the bit rate lowers, or you could save into another filetype which could perhaps give acceptable quality at a lower bitrate.

Other filetype examples are the way that a DV-AVI format from a tape camcorder is about 220 MB's a minute region, but when converted into a DVD video format which is quite acceptable quality for a standard dvd disk is about 60 or less MB's a minute, nearly a quarter of the size but quality still OK.

You never mentioned the size and filetype of the video you wanted to send and whether you had sent it yet via a large file transfer site

The odd time I've emailed short clips from home made videos from my camcorder or still camera, I've used Windows Movie Maker cut the piece of video in WMM and resaved that cut as a Windows Media Video file, WMV file type and emailed the WMV file as an attachment, when it will play on recipients Windows pc's in Windows Media Player.

Large file transfer sites are good for large video files, however even with broadband the upload speeds of sending the file is only a fraction of the download speeds, so you could spend a long time uploading something that someone will download fairly quickly and can make a big deal of sending a video clip easily to people, that's why I tend to reduce into a smaller size WMV file in Windows Movie Maker and just normal email send as an attachment.

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