Windows Live Mail Problem

  Iceman244 12:28 06 Aug 2011

I have a laptop with windows 7. For some time I have been using Windows Live Mail as my email. Both my Hotmail and Orange email accounts are linked to Windows Live Mail. So when I wanted to check my email I simply went to the start menu and clicked the Windows Live Icon. Then my email program loaded etc. When I started my laptop today it said an update was available for Windows Essentials. So I installed the update and restarted my laptop. The problem I now have is that the Windows Live icon has disappeared from the start menu and I don’t know how to get it back. Therefore I can’t check my emails. Can anyone help with this?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:48 06 Aug 2011

"The problem I now have is that the Windows Live icon has disappeared from the start menu and I don’t know how to get it back"

Left click on the Start button and immediately type live. If Windows Live Mail is still installed then it'll appear in the Programs list at the top. If you find it then right-click on it and choose "Pin to Start Menu" - that'll help stop it from going missing again.

  Iceman244 12:57 06 Aug 2011

I have done that but Windows Live Mail does not appear in programs at the top. All that appears is: Windows Live photo-gallery Windows Live Mesh Windows Live Family Safety

  Secret-Squirrel 13:09 06 Aug 2011

OK try this - click the Start button again, click on "Run", type wlmail then hit OK - does the program open or do you get a message saying it couldn't be found?

NOTE: If you don't have a Run option under Start then you can launch it by holding down the Windows key and pressing R.

  Iceman244 13:16 06 Aug 2011

Yes that worked and my Windows Live Mail loaded so I could check my email.

So do you know how I add the icon to my start menu so that I don’t have to do that every time?

  Secret-Squirrel 13:33 06 Aug 2011

OK, that's encouraging news.

Click the Start button then click Computer. Double-click the icon for your C: drive and navigate to the following folder:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Windows Live\Mail

Locate the icon called wlmail (or it may be called wlmail.exe), right-click and choose "Pin to Start Menu".

  TonyV 13:40 06 Aug 2011


Go to Windows explorer, Programme Files\Windows Live and look forMail and then wlmail.exe. Right click it and then Pin to Start Menu.


  TonyV 13:41 06 Aug 2011

Not quick enough!!


  Iceman244 14:05 06 Aug 2011

Thank you everyone. I put wlmail into search and it appeared in the programs list. Then I pinned it to start menu. All sorted. Thanks again.

  caris 20:44 08 Aug 2011


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