Windows Live Mail problem

  hawthorn59 05:01 03 Mar 2010


Ive already posted about this but there wasnt a solution so I decided to try Windows Live Mail Help. In order to post my problem I had to create a Windows Live ID and MSN account. I had to agree to a service agreement which I dont know anything about. I read it and there was a lot of mention of contract and payment. I know not what this refers to so I gave up and Im back here in the hope that someone this time might have a solution. Here is the problem again:

I cannot click on links in Windows Live Mail email messages. I also cannot open help or click anything in the help menu. I get:

"There was a problem sending a command to the program"

If I change my default browser to IE the problem disappears. But when I select Firefox it returns.

Its a brand new laptop with Win 7 installed. When I googled it, the problem appears to be widespread. Please help!


  blazingbadger 08:55 03 Mar 2010

it is because Firefox does not recognize Active x I found this trying to watch a video lat year of the shuttle landing When I switched to IE it works

  blazingbadger 08:56 03 Mar 2010

Assuming your browser is Firefox

  Sea Urchin 11:31 03 Mar 2010

Why not stick to your same thread - you have not marked the other one as resolved so have two threads running on the same subject.

Are you running ZoneAlarm by any chance - if not which firewall do you have?

  hawthorn59 15:34 03 Mar 2010

Sorry about the 2 threads, I'll mark the other one.
I dont have Zone Alarm; I presume its the Windows 7 firewall.

If active x is the problem is there a solution? And is this problem only with Windows Live Mail or Windows 7? Because with Vista and Windows Mail it was never a problem.



  Sea Urchin 18:53 03 Mar 2010

Firefox does not support ActiveX technology - but you could try downloading the Mozilla ActiveX Control to Firefox - it may be the answer.

click here

  hawthorn59 19:22 09 Mar 2010


I found a solution, for me anyway, so just thought Id share it.

i simply uninstalled Firefox and re-installed it and its working perfectly.

thanks guys


  johnnyrocker 21:16 09 Mar 2010

no tick in either forum, obviously just a taker of info?


  hawthorn59 00:40 10 Mar 2010

Just waiting in case anyone replied thanking me for the solution.....! btw I dont understand "either forum".

Thanks again to those who did help (not the last poster...)!


  sputnick 09:43 11 Jan 2011

So what if anyones just a taker of info, thats what forums are for.
Inexperienced users can`t be expected to contribute.
Everyone knows a little of something that might be useful on the forums but might not feel comfortable posting in case they are ridiculed.

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