Windows Live Mail misbehaving

  pellim 00:17 04 Mar 2013

I run Windows 7 on my laptop. Suddenly my email program is playing up. I'm not able to download all my mail, just a few, most of which I can't open. I can't access any stored mail, as the Inbox, Sent, etc menu on the left is grayed out. I got it to appear briefly in black, but it froze. I thought I could access internet sites normally, but this evening I clicked on a web site and the computer shut down, displaying the dreaded blue screen. I've run the Microsoft scan and repair program. It seems to indicate that the hard drive is clean. But something is badly wrong. My pre-installed Security software recently ran out and I installed Microsoft Security Essentials. I also run a couple of spyware programs. I thought I was completely protected. I'd be so grateful for any help.

  hastelloy 07:56 04 Mar 2013

Have you uninstalled your previous anti virus software? If not this may be conflicting with MSE. Don't know wether that would cause the problems you're having but it certainly won't help.

  difarn 07:59 04 Mar 2013

First of all which spyware programs are you running? Is there a conflict? Have you tried disabling them to find out? When you installed MSE did you uninstall the pre-installed security software? Have you tried to restore the PC to an earlier date? Remember if you do this to before you installed MSE then you will have your original security software. Was there any time that the PC was not covered by an anti-virus protection?

If you are successful in returning the PC to an earlier date before the problems started you could install MSE and uninstall the pre-installed security software.

You could also try running malwarebytes free

  pellim 15:42 04 Mar 2013

Thanks very much to all three responders. I had uninstalled my previous security software without leaving a dangerous gap. I have been running malwarebytes. However, I'll try disabling my anti-spy ware program.I'll also try your suggestion, Jock1e. Regarding going back to an earlier state, I last backed up about a week ago on an external drive, but I'm really nervous about doing the job of restoring my email program.
Two things to try first. I'll report back.

  pellim 19:51 04 Mar 2013

I've removed my anti-spy program - no discernable difference. I've slso run the Windows Live Essentials repair job (all programs).That has reinstated the mail menu on the left ie Inbox, etc. The centre and righthand side have odds and ends of mail appearing at random. So thank you Jock1e, I've got a bit further on. Though I haven't got control of the menu at least it's there.

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