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  Muergo 20:23 07 Feb 2011

A couple of my friends sites sending e-mail to me, the message appears in duplicate or triplicate under the same main heading, all same time, exact copies.
I have looked in all three of the new books I have on W7 but can't find a reason.

It is only on three senders but it happens every time.

I think they are all on Googlemail/ Gmail

  northumbria61 21:00 07 Feb 2011

Can you log onto your Server?

If you only see one copy of the message in your Web mail but you see multiple copies in your e-mail program it appears that the problem is with your mail program.

  Muergo 21:36 07 Feb 2011

I get one large header and underneath three identical messages which are discrete, I can erase one without affecting the other two, but if I unexpand? then I can erase the lot on the main heading.
This is W live Mail, not at all like Outlook Express which I was used to.

If it was trouble with the program then it should affect all messages surely.

  northumbria61 23:03 07 Feb 2011

Are you leaving a copy of the emails on your Server? Try stopping that and if you don't need them "delete" them all. Try that for a day. I am not sure if it will work but worth a try.

  Muergo 22:09 09 Feb 2011

How do I log onto my server in W7 from Windows live mail, thumbing through hundreds of pages in three W7 books and can't find anything that relates to it, in fact, there's very little on it in troubleshooting, perhaps I'll run the CD that came with W7 Inside to see if there really is something inside.

  northumbria61 22:24 09 Feb 2011

Windows Live Mail is just your Email Client - ie; a program you use to read your email- see here click here

You should be able to log onto your ISP's home page and check your mail from there - ie: your server.

This shows you how to "leave a copy" of your emails on the Server and you can set the number of days etc. click here

  Muergo 00:02 10 Feb 2011

Thanks a bunch northumbria, will wade through all that tomorrow or is it later today?

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