windows live mail and gmail issue

  Daisy22 13:53 18 Jan 2013

My ISP is Orange FR and until a recent shut down of internet activity whilst Orange were performing repairs to the system, gmail worked well in Windows Live Mail.

Now I can't get it to send or receive emails in Live Mail, please can anyone help? My OS is windows 7 and I have 4 accounts in my windows live mail set up, one being the main ISP of Orange.

This is really frustrating so appreciate any advice to help resolve the problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:48 18 Jan 2013

Gmail settings here

  Daisy22 15:56 18 Jan 2013

Thanks Fruitbat, I tried to follow the instructions on the link you gave for both IMAP and Pop settings, but I found it confusing as some things it said to do or check weren't available so it was impossible to follow step by step. I'm not having problems with my ISP Orange emails showing in windows live mail, it appears to be gmail only.

  Daisy22 19:15 21 Jan 2013

Jockie, thank you yes I did try, I can log in to the GMAIL site and check messages via this, but it's just with windows live it won't let me, yet windows live is ok with hotmail and live email.

I tried changing my password to see if that helps but it didn't

Still need help with this

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