Windows Live Mail = Contacts have disappeared

  Border View 23:27 21 Aug 2016

I use Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Not sure when this happened but I've just tried to send an email using Windows Live Mail. When I clicked on the "To" section it came up with a new screen and something about favourites. I then went to look in the "Contacts" part of WLM and the only contact was for Skype. I don't use Skype. All my contacts have disappeared.

Can anyone please tell me what is going on?

  Border View 23:33 21 Aug 2016

Googled this problem and it appears Microsoft are scrapping Live Mail. So what do I do now. I currently use WLM for my main e-mail address from BT and my Hotmail account. Help please.

  Border View 00:25 22 Aug 2016

Managed to import (goodness knows where from) my address book. I give up trying to understand Microsoft. Think my BT account will be OK but am going to uninstall my hotmail account.

  Border View 00:30 22 Aug 2016

What is the alternative to Windows Live Mail whilst I run with Windows 7 Home Premium please?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:16 22 Aug 2016

Border View, do you normally sign-in (automatically or manually) to WLM with your Hotmail address? If you do then your contacts are stored on the Micosoft servers in the cloud. If you get signed out for whatever reason then your contacts will disappear. If you want your old contacts again then try clicking the "Sign In" button on WLM's Ribbon. Or conversely, sign out of WLM. appears Microsoft are scrapping Live Mail.

That's not strictly true. The only thing that will stop working and can't be fixed is synchronisation for contacts and calendars for Microsoft accounts. All your other email accounts will carry on working fine. When your Hotmail account stops working in WLM then remove it and add it back in again as an IMAP account. POP is also available. I can give you the server details if you need them.

What is the alternative to Windows Live Mail.......

If you still think you need one then I've heard that eM Client works well with Microsoft account services.

  Border View 10:24 22 Aug 2016

Many thanks Secret-Squirrel, you have clarified everything. Now that I've got my address book back and am reinserting information for my Calendar things have settled down. Except - when I clicked on the link from the PCA email to come to this posting I got the message:

"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program, or if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel"

I seem to remember having this problem a couple of years ago but cannot recall how to overcome. I would appreciate your advice on this one. Thank you.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:36 22 Aug 2016

...... when I clicked on the link......I got the message: "This file does not have a program associated with it..........

That usually happens when WLM doesn't know which is your default web browser. Close WLM, go to Control Panel -> Default Programs -> "Set your default programs". Choose your preferred browser from the list on the left then click on "Set this program as default". Re-open WLM and try again.

  Border View 12:10 22 Aug 2016

Brilliant - many thanks. Followed your advice and everything OK now.

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