Windows Live Mail - Back Up inc Calendar

  Mike.B.64 19:07 08 Mar 2010

I would appreciate some guidance on backing up Windows Live Mail, please.

I have XP (SP3), and have been using OE6 for e-mail and Outlook (2002 XP) for a calendar, but I started using Windows Live Mail recently, which seems to work well. Before making a permanent switch, I thought I would test whether I could safely restore by deleting a couple of items from the calendar and then attempting to restore them from back up files. It did not work – although the items seemed to display briefly and then vanish.

I may be completely on the wrong track, but I have been backing up to an external HD by copying the folder indicated as the store folder – ie C:\Documents and Settings\(User)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail. Unlike OE, which stores only e-mail messages, the WLM back up contains several folders. I tried to restore by copying back Calendar, but it did not work.

Perhaps someone could advise me on the best method of back up, and the best method of restore, please.

  howard64 08:40 09 Mar 2010

I am not sure what your problem is? I use hotmail with windows live mail and everything is stored on the microsoft servers. This includes deleted emails, sent emails and my extra folders. Unless I go to the deleted folder and select to delete from there they are still on the server.

  Mike.B.64 16:52 09 Mar 2010

Many thanks for your message. Apologies for the slow response, but I have been out all day.

Although I use Windows Live Mail, what I neglected to tell you is that my e-mail address is with Madasafish and I have imported the account.

What you have told me seems to confirm that I need not be concerned about the calendar - it is presumably held on the Live Mail server and will remain unchanged unless I amend it - but I am still rather vague about e-mail. The Madasafish server holds copies of my incoming mail messages, until I delete them, so I have an automatic back-up there, but copies of outgoing mail messages are held only on my PC, as far as I am aware. Eventually, I will need to store more received mail than I can leave on the Madasafish server so I need some form of back up equivalent to what I currently have from Outlook Express, as I mentioned in my initial post.

Any further guidance would be much appreciated.

  howard64 17:03 09 Mar 2010

first with ms if you do not use your free account they delete you after a few months. What you could do is set up a hotmail/windows live mail account and everything you send copy to that account. You could also highlight and copy all your emails then paste them into your word processor and save them on your hard drive. Obviously you would then need to regularly back up your hard drive - but you do that now don't you?

  Mike.B.64 17:18 09 Mar 2010

Thanks for your further message.

I have opened a live mail e-mail account, which I use in connection with on-line shopping etc, so I will make sure I am not struck off - but thanks for the prompt.

Since my last message, I have been into my live mail account from Internet Explorer - ie as web mail, and I can see my Madasafish incoming messages, but not my outgoing messages. I can also view my calendar.

Surprisingly, when I access e-mail from Outlook Express, it downloads all messages since I last used it - including those I have downloaded using Live Mail. Similarly, WLM downloads all messages since last access, including those already seen via OE6!

I have a much clearer idea of how it all works now, and I really appreciate your help.

I will tick this post as resolved now.

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