Windows Live Mail Address Book

  Border View 23:07 29 Aug 2011

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, but these days I cant even find the search box for helproom.

I run with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have just tried to compose an e-mail under Windows Live Mail and cannot find my address book. It takes me to a box of favouries or other such rubbish.

Can anyone please point me in the direction of my address book in Windows Live. Wish to goodness THEY would stop messing about with a system that worked OK.

Rant over

  northumbria61 23:24 29 Aug 2011

The latest WLM store the contacts in .edb files. They are normally located at C:\Users\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts Note: \AppData is normally hidden, and the folders under the above folder are protected operating system files. (To show hidden files,folders etc. go to Control Panel - Folder Options - View Tab - under Hidden Files & Folders - select Show Hidden Files, folders & Drives - click Apply - OK I would try copying the entire folder above.

  [DELETED] 23:45 29 Aug 2011

In WLM have a look at the lower left hand side for the 'contacts' folder. Select that then you get a list of all your contacts. Either click on a contact or hover the mouse pointer and select 'send email' or if no context menu shows itself then click on the address and a window pops-up to send mail.

  Border View 07:27 30 Aug 2011

What was happening was when I tried to compose an e-mail and clicked on the "To" button no contacts were shown. I was told that there were no addresses in my Hotmail address book and to search using "VeriSign Internet Directory Service" Was not keen on that at all.

I am not happy to have Hotmail coming direct to my computer. So I signed out.

Now when I try to compose an e-mail with just my own ISP e-mail account and click on the "To" button low and behold there are all my contacts.

I think W7 is brilliant but must admit there are some parts I am not keen on. WLM feels as though it is trying to take control, instead of me controlling it.

Many thanks for responding everyone.

  Border View 23:12 31 Aug 2011

Might be better if you started a new thread with your question.

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