windows live mail

  H Dresser. 22:16 18 Dec 2013

using windows 7 professional and windows live mail.

When trying to block unwanted emails by the

junk email > add sender to blocked senders list


junk mail > add senders domain to blocked senders list

the mail still gets through, some still comes into the inbox as well as the junk box. Any one know of a way to totally block them. Aria is one of the worst and even try to unsubscribe just takes you to their main web page.

Thanks in advance.

  northumbria61 12:22 19 Dec 2013

Have a look here just to check you haven't missed something enter link description here

  iscanut 12:53 19 Dec 2013

If you lok at the senders email address you will find they they always change it to something unintelligible each time, so blocking does not always work. I would always be cautious about I subscribing from unwanted emails, as by doing so, it will only alert them to the fact that you exist, and you will then just get more of the unwanted spam !

  H Dresser. 13:28 19 Dec 2013


Thanks for the reply.

"Block a Sender in Windows Live Mail"

That is exactly the way I do it at the moment. I have not suspect emails just the usual ones I once either bought from or subscribed to.

It is not a vast number, the odd one gets through to the inbox, always from aria computer components. I last bought parts from them in the late 20th Century (1998).

The spam box gets 6 to 12 a day from the likes of Asda, PCPro news letter and so forth.

So it is no big deal to delete them, mark them as unwanted but you would think that in 2013 you could stop them getting through.

  H Dresser. 13:30 19 Dec 2013


All emails are from reputable company's but their unsubscrible practice does not appear to work.

  H Dresser. 13:36 20 Dec 2013

I have sent an email to Aria, again, to see if they will take me off their mailing list.

  wiz-king 17:27 20 Dec 2013

They normally will take you off the listings but it can often take a couple of weeks as the advertising mail may come from a advert company.

  H Dresser. 18:49 20 Dec 2013

I am please to say I have received an email from Aria, apologising and removing my name from the list.

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