Windows Live Mail 2012 screen & database errors

  tallboy 11:44 18 Sep 2015

I've just installed an SSD in place of the HDD on my wife's PC and am re-installing the applications on her 64-bit Windows 7 Pro system. The latest application I have put back is Windows Essentials 2012. The Windows Live Mail element of this doesn't work correctly. Whereas on my system the action display bar (Home / Folders / View Accounts) is there all the time, on her system it only shows when you click on the appropriate tab - and then it covers up the top few messages.

In addition, every time you start it up, it has to recover the Windows Live Mail database. I have removed / re-installed the program once already, but whatever is causing the problem, did not go on the re-install.

Suggestions as to fix it, would be most welcome. Thanks.

  Govan1x 12:17 18 Sep 2015

I take it you tried add remove and clicked on Windows Essentials 2012 and pressed repair.

Normaly you have the option of pressing repair if so do that. other times it asks you if you want to delete it. You usually have to click on delete and another box should open saying do you want to delete or repair.

It will then ask what part you want to repair just click on Mail.

  tallboy 13:14 18 Sep 2015

Hi Govanix. Yes, I tried repair first. That didn't fix the problem, although it 'declared' that Windows Essentials had been fixed. Then I used add / remove to remove just Windows Live Mail - leaving the other parts of Windows Essentials in place. The only thing I didn't do (which probably I should have done) was to run ccleaner after I had un-installed WLM then done a re-stall before I re-installed it.

Hopefully, somebody will have a 'fix' suggestion. If not, I'll remove WLM again, clean up the registry & try again!

  Govan1x 14:51 18 Sep 2015

It works ok for me but some of the pop and smpt numbers had changed a bit I had trouble getting Virginmedia to restore the emails in WLM but fixed it eventually.

Did you download it from the Microsoft site or did you use filehippo or something like that. maybe try running sfc /scannow see if it finds and problems and fixes them.

C Cleaner first maybe a good idea.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:13 18 Sep 2015

In addition, every time you start it up, it has to recover the Windows Live Mail database.

I've got a couple of ideas but first confirm whether this problem only occurs just after starting the PC or whether it happens everytime you launch WLM.

By the way, it's unlikely that CCleaner will fix this so don't waste your time just yet. I'd rather you didn't "clean up the registry" either as that's a recipe for disaster.

  tallboy 16:34 20 Sep 2015

I ran sfc /scannow but that didn't show up anything. Since the problem occurred every time I started up WLM, I decide to un-install that element of Windows Essentials and then restart the PC without it. After a second re-install of it, I still had the problem, so I tried (for the second time) running Windows Essentials repair routine. Although this didn't fix the problem the first time, it did do so on the second run.

The only other problem I then had to deal with is getting all the saved messages in the right set of 'saved' folders! Why WLM has to re-generate a completely new set of folders each time you re-install it beats me. I think I now have it as good as I will get it. Thanks for your posts / help Govanix & Secret-Squirrel.

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