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Windows Live Hotmail

  recap 10:44 29 Jan 2009

When forwarding emails in Windows Live Hotmail the original message is always attached. I have emails from friends that have numerous previous messages attached.

How do I turn OFF 'attach original message' when forwarding emails in Windows Live Hotmail. I have looked at all options but cannot for the life of me see where this option is.

  recap 11:13 29 Jan 2009

Thanks buteman, but when there are over a dozen previous recipients it can take too long to delete them all.

  eedcam 11:56 29 Jan 2009

Just highlight the lot and delete

  recap 12:06 29 Jan 2009

I wish it was as easy as that eedcam. Some of the information I do want to forward on, but not all the other data like email addresses and signatures.

Outlook and Outlook Express have this option why can't Windows Live Hotmail have this as well?

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