Windows Live Hotmail

  scolley 00:03 02 Jun 2007

There everyone has any of you, got this and used it if so is it worth moving from msn hot mail, and if i do how do i get to my email, i have heard rumours that any one useing your pc can get to your mail, by typing in your broswer, mail live .com or www, live .com ? do you know if any of this is true or is it ok,

  eedcam 08:42 02 Jun 2007

I used it for a while but it was crap nothing but problems .Kept on to them but as always it's the users PC. Went back to the old system

  scolley 20:31 02 Jun 2007

eedcam thanks for your oppinion, i wonder if any one else as thoughts on this subject as im still open minded, its how you get to this mail, that is bothering me, from what i have heard,

  DJ Techz 20:49 02 Jun 2007


Windows Live Hotmail is really good!
All you have to do is type in your browser or you can just go to the normal hotmail sign-in.
You could try it and if you don't like it you can easily go back to MSN Hotmail from the options menu

  rdave13 20:56 02 Jun 2007

I like the live Hotmail but sometimes gets it wrong as it warned me that an email from Dell was high risk. It's new and maybe has some teething problems. I'll stick with it though.

  martan 21:00 02 Jun 2007

i use live hotmail everyday and have never had a problem with it both myself and my wife use it to keep in contact with our family and friends in the uk and abroad martan

  scolley 21:12 02 Jun 2007

DJ Ryan/ Rdave13/ and Martan, is there any truth in the rumour that like DJRyan says above and i have heard that once typed in your broswer any one can get to your mail on your PC,a friend of mine says so, but, shes not very good on them same as me, i know if i type in live .com i can get to my msn, ? dont know why,

  scolley 21:29 02 Jun 2007

Just typed it in my broswer and it lets me get to my mail with out asking my password how and why, ? surely this is not safe,

  rdave13 22:15 02 Jun 2007

Just typed in Opera and get the Live search window. With .com I get the log on screen.

  rdave13 22:22 02 Jun 2007

Using IE7 if I type mail then I go direct to my account but only if you have saved your password in MSN. Not a good idea. I always save my email but never a password.
With typing live .com in IE7 I get the Live search page.

  scolley 22:30 02 Jun 2007

Hi Rdave13 i have not saved my password in msn but if i type in IE7 i get my email address and my picture a scotter and just click sign in and it takes me to my mail, ?? how can i change this to make it safe please,

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