Windows Live Help Please

  redbarron 16:55 17 Nov 2012

I installed Windows Live Mail (only mail) onto my XP system so that I can transfer Outlook Express 6 folders ready for my new Windows 7 PC. But not all folder files transferred.

So I have uninstalled Windows Live and Essentials so that I can do a fresh reinstall and try again to transfer all of Outlook Express 6 folders. But when running the Windows Live software it keeps saying Windows Live Mail is already installed. Where!

I have looked everywhere I can think of but cannot see any Windows Live Mail folder anywhere.

I have looked in Add/remove, program files etc. Any help appreciated.

  northumbria61 17:23 17 Nov 2012

It looks like some remnants have been left behind. Download and Install REVO Uninstaller to see if it finds WLM and Uninstall.

  northumbria61 17:27 17 Nov 2012

OR - take a look here enter link description here

  difarn 17:29 17 Nov 2012

It could be that it didn't fully uninstall. Have a look at posts on this forum - the one by Joseph L, 23rd January, leads you through how to remove any left-over files manually before trying to reinstall.

  redbarron 10:09 19 Nov 2012

Thanks all for your replies.

northumbria61 The bit of software you recommended works a treat. It uninstalled the software fully allowing me to reinstall.

The problem now is I cannot get the software to open. It throws up a box saying I have either installed the software incorrectly or I have not got enough memory.

Strange, since it all worked the first time round. But not now.

  redbarron 13:00 22 Nov 2012

Still no luck with opening Windows Live. It still keeps saying that I have either installed it incorrectly or I don't have enough memory.

I do have enough memory, and I have installed and uninstalled it till I'm blue in the face. I'm beginning to think it's just a bit of Microsoft cr*p.

The only reason I want it is so that I can transfer my Outlook Express folders and address book onto my new windows PC that will be arriving tomorrow.

Any help to resolve this would be appreciated. Thank you.

  redbarron 14:06 22 Nov 2012


Thanks for that. I've never heard of Thunderbird mail client before. But it installed a treat.

Perhaps you can help with my next question please.

How do I export my mail and address book folders from Thunderbird to my desk top please. There doesn't appear to be an 'Export' tab in the 'File' menu, or anywhere else come to that.

Thank you

  redbarron 15:57 22 Nov 2012


Thanks for the reply. I worked it out on my own in the end with allot of help from Mr Google :)

Nothings easy is it.

I hope this web site speeds up on my new PC. It's like working with dial up at the moment.

Thanks again for your help.

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