Windows Live Email reply & forward errors

  tallboy 16:25 13 Nov 2013

Having recently updated the Windows Live email on my 64-bit Windows PC to the 2012 version, I had to revert to an earlier Restore Point to fix another problem. I now have a Windows Live 'system' that appears to be part the 2012 version and part the older version (2011) that would have been in place at the time of the earlier Restore Point. (That I went back to).

Whilst the emails come in OK and I can read them, I can't reply to them or forward them, getting the error message:

'A problem has occurred while trying to open the message. Please try again'. When I do try again, I get another error message: 'An error occurred replying to or forwarding this message'.

When I close down the email application, I then get the message: 'Windows Live Mail has stopped working'.

Clearly something has got corrupted in Windows Live Mail or the part of the registry associated with it.

Any ideas as to how to restore Windows Live Mail to a fully working application would be most welcome.



  Forum Editor 18:24 13 Nov 2013

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  tallboy 21:53 13 Nov 2013

Just tried to update Windows Live Essentials to 2012 and got the error number 0x80040609 in WLXSuite. I've tried repair the problem with the Microsoft FixIt tool, but that didn't work.

If I uninstall WL Essentials and then reinstall it, will I loose all the messages folders and WL mail setup info, or will the information be picked up again automatically after the reinstall?

Looking at the various message board on Window Live, I see a lot of people have had problems with it.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:34 14 Nov 2013

"If I uninstall WL Essentials and then reinstall it, will I loose all the messages folders and WL mail setup info, or will the information be picked up again automatically after the reinstall?"

When you uninstall WLM, all your messages, mail accounts, settings and preferences are retained so when you reinstall it they will be picked up again. Having said that it would be prudent to backup your personal mail store first just in case:

Make sure WLM is closed first then click the "File" tab -> Options -> Mail -> "Advanced" tab -> "Maintenance" button -> "Store Folder" button. The path to your message store will be displayed in the window so copy it then paste it into the Windows "Run" box then press OK. When the folder opens, go up one level and copy the entire folder to a different location.

  tallboy 16:20 14 Nov 2013

Thanks for the reply Secret-Squirrel. I regularly back up Live Mail with Bullguard, so no problems there - but thanks for the reminder.

Given that I should be able to put back all my messages / folders, I went ahead and un-installed it. I then did a reboot and tried to re-install it again. I tried following several threads I found on the Microsoft Answers website, but alas, I'm a days' time down & no further on!

After trying to re-install Windows Essential (since the un-install wipes out all the programs) I get the message:

'Mail, Messenger, Family Safety, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and Writer were not installed. It looks like another program is preventing the installer from working. Error 0x80070643. Source: WLXSuite'.

I also got the message: 'Could't update to the latest version. Couldn't install messenger. Because there was a problem updating one of the programs (presumably WLM) none of them were updated. Error 0x80040609 Source: soxe.definition.'

As mentioned, I have followed a few threads for the above error codes, but so far, nothing has worked. If I could completely un-install Windows Essentials, I might stand a better chance. Even after the Control Panel un-install, I noticed there were files & folders left in the Programs folder for Windows Essential.

If you (or any other reader) has any suggestions as how to either (a) completely eradicate the Windows Essentials suite from my PC (so that a new install works) or how to fix the problem without removing it (since it is only the reply / forward functions that don't work) I would be very pleased to receive them!

  Secret-Squirrel 17:26 14 Nov 2013

" It looks like another program is preventing the installer from working. Error 0x80070643"

According to Microsoft a computer restart should be all that's required to fix that one. You've probably already tried that but it's worth mentioning.

I recently solved a WLE installation that kept failing by downloading the complete installation package - you can get it from here.

Another thought is that you may succeed if you try to install it in Safe Mode.

  tallboy 20:58 14 Nov 2013

Thanks for the quick reply & suggestions Secret-Squirrel. Yes, you're right, I have already tried many restarts! As you suggested, I downloaded the offline .exe version of WLE and after (hopefully) un-installing what was left of WLE, I tried to install the off-line version. Alas, I got the same errors.

I wasn't able to try loading it in Safe Mode as the Windows 7 install routine wouldn't let me do it. Then, whilst in Safe Mode I changed the configuration of msconfig.exe to stop everything except the Microsoft functions (as suggested by one of the moderators on Windows Answers), restarted the machine in normal mode (it was now doing a 'clean boot') and tried again. Still no luck!

Having gone back to a restore point of a few hours ago, I'm back to where I was - able to read messages, put them in folders, but not forward or reply to them.

Any other suggestions? (or anyone else)

If I can't fix it soon, I'll be installing Mozilla Thunderbird and using that instead of WLE - especially since email is the only part of it I use regularly.

  rdave13 21:24 14 Nov 2013

Windows Live Mail is part of your account's profile and I think your profile is corrupted. May be to do with Bullguard.. I don't know. You could try this, click here if your emails are also stored on the email supplier's servers then you're good to go to try and repair your profile. WLM is a client for your PC and handles web based emails be they Hotmail, AOL, Gmail or others you've configured.


  tallboy 22:46 14 Nov 2013

Thanks for the suggestion rdave13. I've just tried switching to two other people's log-ins on this PC (hence different profiles) but I get the same result, so I don't think it is a profile problem.

What I do also now get (on all three profiles) when I start up Windows Live Mail is a message the comes up saying: 'The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the Windows Live Mail disk & click OK.' Of course I don't have such a disk and if you click cancel, the message goes away and WLM starts up. How that error has crept in I don't know (or how to get rid of it!)

  tallboy 08:34 15 Nov 2013

Thanks for the suggestion Jock1e. I think things are going from bad to worse! Now when you start up WLM you get 'Preparing to install' followed by the 'Insert Disk' message listed previously. If you cancel that, WLM starts up, but the row of action buttons at the top is now blacked out. (I've had this previously, but it usually clears after a restart of WLM). When you close WLM down, you get the message 'Windows Live Mail has stopped working'.

Returning to your check suggestion, I'm on BT at present; I'm changing to Plusnet next week. I just had an email in from myself (on a different PC) requesting a read receipt. I sent one and that went out OK, so I think the communications settings are OK.

Any other suggestions are most welcome!

  rdave13 09:28 15 Nov 2013

Have you tried the repair option in programs and features? There's also this article, click here, might apply to you?

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