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Windows Keyboard Issue, please help :)

  adam1lake 16:05 07 Jan 2018

When I boot my pc, everything works fine - I can type on my keyboard, keyboard shortcuts work correctly and there is no lag. However, sometimes randomly my keyboard will suddenly start to lag - when typing it will miss out the odd letter (like it can't keep up with every key i am consecutively typing), and when I press the windows key, it opens control panel. I have tried finding a keyboard shortcut that would cause this to happen but I'm not sure. I get the feeling that this happens when playing some steam games (eg. PUBG). When I am playing the game, all of a sudden I might tab out, then tab back in and my keys are ghosting! (basically, when I press multiple keys at once, they get stuck down, but not physically). There must be some trigger for this change in state but I can't seem to find it. There's probably a really obvious fix D:

What I know: It's not a hardware issue (I have tried using multiple keyboards). The only way I fix this problem is by restarting my PC. It could possibly be a program that I have installed causing this. I did a Windows soft reset, which removed all of my programs (but not my personal files) and reinstalled windows. I built my own PC - the basic specs are I5 6600k, EVGA 1060 6GB GPU, etc. Im not sure the other specs matter for this issue.

Thanks a lot. Any questions and I will for sure answer them.

  adam1lake 16:32 07 Jan 2018

Thanks for the reply. Since I recently reset my computer, there are no unnecessary programs as I only installed the ones I need. I see where you're coming from with the slow typing - there is nothing unnecessary open on my PC, and the reason why I don't believe this is an issue is because how the typing is fine, then randomly is triggered while doing something. Although it is a possibility that something is opening which triggers this, so I will look into it.

In the device manager there is no orange triangle. The keyboards listed are 3 HIDs. I have a feeling that it could be Corsair Utility Manager that is causing the problem because it is always open for my keyboard and mouse. I shall get back to you when I try removing this. If you think of anything else I could try let me know.

Thanks again!

  adam1lake 17:04 07 Jan 2018

Yes, I have the Corsair K55 and M65 Pro. I shall try without any corsair software and see what happens. I only have 1 USB cable so that's not a problem.

Thank you :)

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