Windows Keyboard Issue, please help :)

  adam1lake 16:05 07 Jan 2018

When I boot my pc, everything works fine - I can type on my keyboard, keyboard shortcuts work correctly and there is no lag. However, sometimes randomly my keyboard will suddenly start to lag - when typing it will miss out the odd letter (like it can't keep up with every key i am consecutively typing), and when I press the windows key, it opens control panel. I have tried finding a keyboard shortcut that would cause this to happen but I'm not sure. I get the feeling that this happens when playing some steam games (eg. PUBG). When I am playing the game, all of a sudden I might tab out, then tab back in and my keys are ghosting! (basically, when I press multiple keys at once, they get stuck down, but not physically). There must be some trigger for this change in state but I can't seem to find it. There's probably a really obvious fix D:

What I know: It's not a hardware issue (I have tried using multiple keyboards). The only way I fix this problem is by restarting my PC. It could possibly be a program that I have installed causing this. I did a Windows soft reset, which removed all of my programs (but not my personal files) and reinstalled windows. I built my own PC - the basic specs are I5 6600k, EVGA 1060 6GB GPU, etc. Im not sure the other specs matter for this issue.

Thanks a lot. Any questions and I will for sure answer them.

  KEITH 1955 16:22 07 Jan 2018

ok so I picked up first on slow typing , this is caused by several things , firstly you could have a slow pc ( don't be offended ) , if this is the case all sorts of things could slow it down , it could be an anti virus scan running in the background taking a lot of cpu power or something updating.... Go to add remove and look for anything you don't recognise and dump it , you could have something running that you don't know about. I always choose custom install when downloading and installing something , the custom tab can list unwanted extras that you wont know about if you choose "typical" or full install. Finally look in start up menu to see what fires up at start up. The only thing I have in start up is the realtek sound driver , the anti virus auto boots ! .... hope this is of use to you .... let me know please. FOOTNOTE... have you looked to see if you have a yellow triangle next to the keyboard entry in device manager , if you have then right click it and choose uninstall "windows" will auto load a generic driver on boot up.

  adam1lake 16:32 07 Jan 2018

Thanks for the reply. Since I recently reset my computer, there are no unnecessary programs as I only installed the ones I need. I see where you're coming from with the slow typing - there is nothing unnecessary open on my PC, and the reason why I don't believe this is an issue is because how the typing is fine, then randomly is triggered while doing something. Although it is a possibility that something is opening which triggers this, so I will look into it.

In the device manager there is no orange triangle. The keyboards listed are 3 HIDs. I have a feeling that it could be Corsair Utility Manager that is causing the problem because it is always open for my keyboard and mouse. I shall get back to you when I try removing this. If you think of anything else I could try let me know.

Thanks again!

  KEITH 1955 16:54 07 Jan 2018

now you told me what keyboard you have I can offer more help. I have a corsair strafe and cant use the software you download from the website or it does stupid things such as the keyboard sometimes would not let me type anything. Also the lights would do the random pattern sequence without me programming it to do it. When I turned on the pc if it started with the random light pattern I knew it would do stupid things.

Get rid of all the corsair software you don't need it , mine does everything just as a plug and play ..... no software.

Does your keyboard have 2 usb cables if it does , ignore the instructions to use them both , you only need 1 , put a small plastic bag over the othe usb to stop it touching any part of your case.

I cant find my instructions but if memory serves me correct you only need both usb if you plan on plugging something extra into the back of the keyboard.

  adam1lake 17:04 07 Jan 2018

Yes, I have the Corsair K55 and M65 Pro. I shall try without any corsair software and see what happens. I only have 1 USB cable so that's not a problem.

Thank you :)

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