Windows Key

  bemuzed 22:42 30 Oct 2009

I got a Windows XP disc but the hard disk died. I installed on another hard disc in same PC but when I come to register Microsoft does not accept. I was not sure if I had the right envelope with key printed on so I got one of those key extractor programmes and the key that extracted did not work either. Any ideas? I paid for the disc and just cannot find the key and feel somewhat cheated.

  bemuzed 22:42 30 Oct 2009

P.S. it is Windows XP

  rdave13 22:50 30 Oct 2009

If your disc is retail you must find the key for it. If OEM then the right key will be on a sticker somewhere on the PC.

  bemuzed 22:52 30 Oct 2009

Sticker lost. It was OEM.

  bemuzed 22:54 30 Oct 2009

I found a beta validation tool on Microsoft's site that shows me the mast 5 digits on the validation code on my PC and it is the same as the one the extractor tool is doing, so I am sure I have the right one, but it keeps failing?

  InTheCity 22:55 30 Oct 2009

where did the key extractor program extract from?
abit confused?
if the hard drive died where did you extract it from?

  bemuzed 23:10 30 Oct 2009

I have a DVD with XP on it so I ran the installation onto the second hard drive. The key extractor was a piece of softawre I found on th einterent and it confirms my key is as I thought. I had already activated XP on the same machine but on the hard drive so i wonder if that is the problem.

  InTheCity 23:20 30 Oct 2009

no as a hard drive change wouldnt be recognisable for validation

  rdave13 23:48 30 Oct 2009

Trouble is if it's an OEM installation from a manufacturer then the key will be different to the key printed on the sticker. The different key pertains to the recovery discs. Now if you try a clean install with the same type of XP disc, such as the 'home' or 'pro' etc then only the key printed on the sticker on the PC will work. If you try a reinsallation of XP using a 'home' version disc and your version is XP Professional it won't work and vice versa. You need to borrow the same version of XP that was pre-loaded.

  bemuzed 07:37 31 Oct 2009

I bought teh XP disk and did a clean installation. I registered it once. Now I have installed onto a second hard disk on teh same machine as the first one packed up but I het a warning that I ned to register in 30 days.

  rdave13 09:27 31 Oct 2009

You'll have to find the key that came with the retail disc.

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