Windows keeps crashing even after re-install of windows

  miamimarlins 12:30 15 Dec 2011

My pc kept crashing all the time, about twice per day, I would always use bluescreenviewer to make a report for me, and it would show what driver crashed, I decided to re-install windows, I did that, then a few hours after installing windows it crashed again, this time I decided to send a report to microsoft, it came back saying it was a RAM problem, Im thinking its a hardware problem.

Please advise, thank you

  KRONOS the First 12:39 15 Dec 2011

It sounds like you have a RAM compatibility problem,so it will not matter how many times you reinstall Windows,it will not work.What is the make/model of motherboard, same question with the RAM.

Download and burn the iso of this.Memtest. This will tell you if you have problems with your RAM.

  miamimarlins 13:14 15 Dec 2011

Let me shut down my pc and open up the cover and ill report back to you when I get the info

  miamimarlins 13:46 15 Dec 2011

The mother board is a DELL. There are two RAM cards, 512mb each, one card says Daneelec (512) and the other card has no name, just says 6 layer 7m8re-sa with a very small (w) on the corner.

I forgot to say, im running windows xp, dell optiplex GX270 (mini tower)

  KRONOS the First 13:54 15 Dec 2011

1GB of RAM is not nearly enough,I am assuming that your PC is old. I am also assuming that it runs XP. Did you reinstall all the motherboard drivers after installing Windows.

Your ram should also have a PC number I am guessing PC2700 or PC3200.

Is this your mobo? MOBO.

  miamimarlins 14:21 15 Dec 2011

let me get back to with that info, thanks for your help

  miamimarlins 16:49 15 Dec 2011

The Ram is pc 3200u

Windows XP Home

and yes that is the MOBO,

The Computer is Not brand new, buts its not old, I would say about 3 or 4 years old, Iv had much much older computers work just fine running high end systems without sny problems.

what are my options, should I just buy two new compatible RAM cards?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:56 15 Dec 2011

Run memtest and find out which card is causing the problem

  miamimarlins 21:04 15 Dec 2011

okay, I tried that program, it says it has to be saved to disc, I did that. However....I dont have a internal cd-rom/drive installed, I only have an external cd/dvd writer, And in Bios for the sequence it has cd-rom/drive not installed. So I cant use that program right now, im wondering if there is a different program that can detect RAM problems for me without having to save to disc first.

  robin_x 22:02 15 Dec 2011

If you can boot from USB in your BIOS, boot from a flash stick/card using the Memtest Windows iso download and unetbootin first.

  ams4127 22:21 15 Dec 2011

Remove one stick of RAM, boot the machine and see if it crashes. If it does, then that is your faulty stick. If not, try again using the other stick. Don't forget that it will be very slow on just one stick so give it a chance.

That's how I found my bad RAM stick.

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